I survived the Marvel Marathon for The Avengers

Last Thursday (Thor’s-day, heh) was the Marvel marathon leading up to The Avengers premiere in the US at midnight making it technically Friday. I dared to conquer this great trial, a test of my nerd status.  There were those who questioned my ability, my sanity.  But those are the casuals who never dream to be part of anything grand.

Ok, all drama aside, sitting in a movie theater watching six 2hr+ movies in a row is not easy. I had worrying about it since I bought the tickets.  What if I got sick or a migraine? What if my kid got sick like she did when we went to see Thor and I had to take her home and miss the movie? What if I fell asleep during the Avengers? What if I was too tired to drive home?

Against the odds, last Thursday went perfectly. I got there an hour early. I got pretty good seats. I had two extra friends and we tagged teamed who got to leave the theater to bring back supplies (food) while the others held the fort (seats). It was a good crowd who cheered and shushed each other at the right moments. No one got sick. Well, I got a slight headache that went away quickly due to my friend’s ibuprofren in pixie stick form.

The benefit of having watched them all in a row is being reminded of how all the movies interconnect. It jumps out at you.  The movies will reference things in movies that hadn’t begun filming yet.  It was incredibly well done. It’s throw away lines that had any Marvel movie failed and the Avengers project scrapped, every movie could stand on it’s own and only fanboys would lament what could have been. As it is, I have suspected for a long time that there was some meeting where the idea of all these movies was laid out. It was a gamble. A long con. And the pay off will be counted in billions. Dare to dream big.

The great thing about seeing it in the theater was the camaraderie.  Anyone there knew that everyone else was a fan. Otherwise you’d just wait for the midnight showing and skip the long day. There was a guy in the theater who got up right before Avengers was going to start and got everyone in the theater to sing his son Happy Birthday.  At least in my theater, no one was being a tremendous ass or ruining the experience.  You and me, we’re in this together now.

The theater gave us badges to wear so we could walk in and out of the theater. They gave us a free Avengers comic. I got the Thor 3D glasses, my kid got Captain America, and my other two friends ended up with the Hulk. They let us bring in outside food. They had a quiz and gave out prizes.

The Avengers movie itself, well, that’s another issue. There’s a problem when you go into a movie in love with the villain. The problem is I hit all the wrong emotional cues. While everyone is cheering the Avengers, I just want to jump out and give Loki a hug, or let him kill me, I’m not picky.

The Avengers is an epic superhero movie done fantastically well.  They could focus on the action because all the character background was already done. I wish there had been a bit more Thor – Loki dynamic.  It’s the only storyline that’s unresolved. IronMan killed his enemies and got the girl, Captain America’s war is over and all his friends are dead, the Hulk’s as stable is he’s going to get without losing the dynamic tension. But Thor and Loki have an ocean of unresolved issues.

So the marathon rocked. It couldn’t have gone better. I regret nothing.



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