Mom who supports DC and Marvel Gay Characters

I don’t want to make my blog all about one topic. Having said that, I’m going to bitch and moan about two things that really bother me. One, being people against gay rights. Two, being how despite the massive amounts of girl geeks out there, geekdom is still skewed so heavily towards males. So, I found a few things today that brought out my issues.

I love going to Tate’s Comics. I drive 40 minutes, past closer comic stores, because I feel real comfortable there and it’s truly a great comic book store.  I’m sure the majority of their customers must be male.  I’ve met several hanger on girlfriends in the store who ask me, surprised, how come I’m such a comic book fan. I’m not sure why they seem surprised to see me, there are plenty of women at Tate’s gushing over merchandise. Anyway, so I’m on their newsletter and see they are having a Father’s Day event. You might know where this is going.  Did I miss the Mother’s Day event? Sigh. I would’ve liked a 20% discount. I love Tate’s though, I’m not even that mad, more disappointed.

So I thought, maybe there’s a league, or blog or something where us nerd mom’s can come together in our apparently minority status. This led me to my second topic. I google “mom’s who read comics” and number one hit is One Million Moms Condemns DC Comics And Marvel Superheroes For Gay Characters. Sigh. That’s the opposite of what I wanted. I knew there’d be backlash when X-men has an issue with a gay marriage.  I’m both mad and disappointed.

I want to bring up this quote from the article: “Children mimic superhero actions and even dress up in costumes to resemble these characters as much as possible. Can you imagine little boys saying, ‘I want a boyfriend or husband like X-Men?”  I want to bring it up because I want to say that that’s the stupidest fucking thing to worry about ever.  Even if any kid in the history of the world says that, it doesn’t even mean they are gay or bi-curious.  They’re probably just thinking they’d rather spend the rest of their lives with their best friend than an annoying girl.  There’s an age that boys think girls are stupid. I feel like an idiot for even having to make that point.  Listen, your kids are going to figure out their sexuality on their own and the X-men will have little to do with it.  Your kids will hit puberty and either fantasize about Emma Frost’s breasts, Wolverine’s package, or best of both worlds Mystique.

So, perhaps I’ll go down to Tate’s this Father’s Day and buy X-Men.  I’ll get my daughter a new Tiny Titan’s graphic novel she loves. It’s Father’s Day, and she can’t spend it with her father anyway, he’ll be with his new family.  Might as well buy her something pretty.

and something pretty for me as well.

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