Not everyone is Beautiful

I get really annoyed when I see posts on tumblr or anywhere really saying “you are beautiful”. Those comments are not directed towards me, they are directed to everyone. As in everyone is beautiful. You are beautiful because you just happened to read my post. No, everyone is not beautiful and finding your post on twitter does not make me beautiful within or without.

I’m not sure how I would define beauty. As far as a person goes I could start with outward appearances. Jude Law is very attractive, what he did to his wife less so. But again, these are opinions. There’s no definitive proof of beauty. It’s in the eye of the beholder. That I believe. And I mean that as far as actions as well. There are actions some may commend while others wouldn’t.

But I’m not perfect. I’ll never be a perfect 10 in physical beauty by any standards anywhere. That’s fine. As far as physical aspects go I didn’t get a raw deal just because I don’t look like a Miss Universe contestant. And I’m not perfect on the inside either. I have dark ugly thoughts sometimes. I strive to be better than I am. I’m not just going to stamp myself “beautiful” just to feel good.

Those people who make those posts. They don’t know their audience. Maybe their audience is not beautiful. I am not beautiful, that’s not any word I would need to use to describe myself in order to feel good. I like Strong. I’d rather be strong. I strive to be strong. Come hell or high water, I am here.

Because when everyone is Beautiful, no one is.

Also, I would like to note my continuing hatred of the Cristina Aguilera song “Beautiful”. Easy for you to say Cristina. Honestly, it means even less when someone rich, famous, and beautiful says it. I fucking hate this song.

Your words mean nothing to me, Cristina. So why don’t you shut your beautiful little face.

7 thoughts on “Not everyone is Beautiful

  1. Oh, man. As a page admin, I have created a few such posters because, WOW, do they got loved on when posted. Ultimately, I couldn’t embrace wasting any more time or posts on such things when the world is so variable and . . . delectable in its variety.

    I’d much rather have a real conversation with a real human being (who’s read a no-picture status of mine) than speak empty words to 1,000 adoring likers. And yet, once in a while, I do still feel the pull of the numbers.

    I’m trying not to give in. It’s more gratifying to be me, even if that gets fewer “likes.”

    • Hey there Vin. I fucking hate that song too, LOL. And like Deb, I run a page and I’m torn between the search for authenticity and the blather that too often passes for inspiration.

      Don’t get me wrong. A lot of stuff IS inspiring, but only if it’s real. And I do get a thrill down to my artistic roots when I can match a great image with something I’ve written. It pleases me to craft words and draw stuff, including this gravatar of mine (it’s mediocre but it’s mine).

      Numbers–followers–fans. What does it all mean anyway? If they’re not really a fan of the authentic me, they don’t really matter, after all. And too much of what we do is build followers, as if it will repair whatever is missing inside of us.

      So, anyway, you made me think. And I’ll be back. And I promise I won’t bring Christina Aguilera with me.

      • I would be more inspired, as an artist, by a post saying “you have the capacity to create something beautiful”. Because I think that could be across the board. As an artist, as a parent, as a human being. And that beauty could come in many forms. It could be a beautiful moment and not necessarily a thing.

        Well, now I think I’m blathering on. 😛

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