Freedom of Speech

I don’t think some people understand the meaning behind the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Specifically, for today, I’m focusing on freedom of speech. I keep seeing comments that attack those who are attacking Dan Cathy of Chik-Fil-A for coming out in opposition to gay marriage. While that’s completely expected, what I don’t understand is why some people say attacking Chik-Fil-A is infringing on Dan Cathy’s Freedom of Speech.  That’s not how it works.
For Cathy’s freedom of speech to be threatened then he would have to have been arrested for speaking publicly against gay marriage.  Congress would have to pass laws that make it illegal for anyone to speak against gay marriage (or for gay marriage as the case may be). That is a violation of freedom of speech. Cathy can say what he wants and not be legally persecuted for it. And the rest of the internet can say what they want against him and not be legally persecuted for it.  (Not including threats of assault or violence).

For those who can’t understand what all this means then you need to compare it to freedom of speech laws in other countries.  More accurately, the lack there of.  Scroll through Wikipedia to get an idea.  Blasphemy is illegal in several countries. As in, you will go to jail if you are in this country and write about atheism or try to teach it in a class.  Hate speech is illegal in Denmark, so all the nazis in this country who have websites and hold rallies, better not move to Denmark, up to 2yrs jail time.   But really, you don’t need to go further than Cuba (I’m in Miami, it’s right next door) to experience true censorship. Everything is censored by the government. Ice-T’s “Copkiller” would have had him most probably murdered in a Cuban jail.

Dan Cathy can say he’s against gay marriage. That’s his right as a citizen of this country.  It’s my right to say I disagree with him. And it’s your right, US citizens, to flood us with your opinions on who’s right and who’s wrong.  Your legal right, without fear of legal prosecution.

This guy said it best:


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