The Lost Boys – Why David is not the Villain

Just your friendly neighborhood vampire

During breakfast this morning I went on a tirade about the character David from The Lost Boys.  I saw the movie when I was young and impressionable and I cried at the end when ultimately, the vampire David is killed. My daughter laughed, and so I explained why really, he wasn’t such a bad guy except for the eating people part. I realized I was actually making sense, so here’s why:

1. David was told to make Micheal a vampire by his sire

“Sire” being David’s implied vampire dad, Max. Max wanted to bring Lucy into his family as the mother figure.  He explains this all at the end. If Michael and Sam were turned into vampires, Lucy would readily agree to be turned as well. So it wasn’t David’s idea, he was just… trying to help his dad hook up with the new single mom in town?

2. David genuinely tried to befriend Michael

Even though Michael was trying to hook up with whom he thought was David’s girlfriend, Star, David invited Michael out to their secret lair.  Then after giving Michael his own blood, they went out to do some male bonding with the rest of the gang by the railroad tracks.  He could have just killed him and told Max, “whoops”.

3. Michael tried to kill Sam, this is not David’s fault

Michael was starting to get hungry and almost went after Sam. David had nothing to do with this. After Michael goes to confront Star, David takes Michael hunting to explain the situation.  This makes Michael aware of what exactly is going on and perhaps push him to feed before he accidentally kills his younger brother.

4. David starts to doubt he can trust Michael and Star

There’s a moment at Michael’s house worth noting. Star comes in because she said David wanted her to kill Michael. David might have realized after the dead surfers scene that Michael was too goody goody to embrace being a vampire and wanted Star to do away with him thus proving her loyalty. A different possibility is that David knew he couldn’t trust Star to kill Michael. He was instead hoping to bully Michael so he’d embrace vampirehood as a good alternative to ending up dead.

5. David and the gang didn’t try to kill any of them, until Marco was murdered

Michael led Sam and the Frog Brothers to the vampire lair.  The intent was for the Frog Brothers to kill David and the others.  Michael and Star betrayed the vampires. When the Frog Brothers kill Marco, that is when they come out with the intent to kill all of them. Who wouldn’t try to avenge the death of, well what amounts to, their brother? Especially after being betrayed by people they trusted and tried to make a part of their unlives.

6.  Max is the villain

Ok, David is a bloodsucking murderous vampire. But the events of The Lost Boys are things that happen because David’s father figure wants to hook up with Lucy, Michael’s mom.  David and the vampires are just trying to make their dad happy.



With all this in mind I look back at the movie and better understand why I was so upset. David made an effort to give Michael what he thinks is the best thing ever (being a vampire) and what does Michael do? He steals David’s girl and then murders him and his entire family.

…. as I finish my rant my daughter looks at me and says “you sound like Barney Stinson talking about the Terminator“. That about sums it up.









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