Sexy Costume Suggestions

I know a lot of people complain about how Halloween costumes for women basically turn mundane things into inappropriate sexy costumes. I agree.  I get the whole Mean Girls thing about how Halloween makes it okay for girls to dress like sluts. And anyone who wants to be a sexy witch can be a sexy witch, I’m honestly not going to judge you.  It kind of makes sense to have an evil witch look sexy to lure men into evil.  What I don’t get is sexy Freddy Krueger. There is nothing sexy (I’m not looking it up due to rule 34) about Freddy Krueger. This is the kind of stuff that first link up there discusses. Sexy Big Bird? WTF?

Confusing sexy costumes aside, the ones that make me angry are the ones where they take a male superhero and transform the girl costume into a “sexy costume”.  For example, Thor:

nothing says fearsome warrior like furry boot tops

This bothers me so much. Why are there furry boot tops and gloves?  If she does one high kick I’m going to see her underpants. Not even her cape is full size.  Is a short cape sexier?  I wanna stress one of the biggest reasons this bothers me.  There’s two actually, one is that the Black Widow costume is still the Black Widow costume.  It’s not in anyway made sexier.  Two, the costume for Sif, the female warrior in Thor, is also accurate and not made sexier.

outfits you might actually be able to kick a little butt in. If you change to more reasonable footware.

So, with all this in mind I propose a compromise.  Along with things like Sexy Women’s Thor costume we add other options. It looks something like this:

I call it Women’s Thor Costume and Sassy Adult Thor

I bet it would sell.


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