but everyone plays Super Mario

I haven’t wanted to make any posts on the flux of stories about the “Fake Geek Girl” controversy based on an imaginary problem some dudes made up. That sums up my view on it. However, I know it’s a problem because it’s a legitimate fear I have and the reason I, and a few other girls I’ve known, stay away from particular comic book stores.

A few posts ago I mentioned how the new store I’ve started visiting, since Gambit has returned in his own series again, was a place I felt comfortable going to. This is because the guy behind the counter is pleasant. The worst I’ve heard him say is that “all the girls are buying Thor comics now”. I’ll admit that I love Gambit for his personality, the stories, as well as his sex appeal.

this was drawn for me

this panel was drawn for me

Sunday I met up with an eclectic group of people brought together by NaNoWriMo. I was talking to one guy about something when another guy sits down and engages him in a debate of Mario Galaxy. Just the other guy. I was not to be a part of this conversation. I tried to come in with my own Mario experiences, but while guy #1 tried to engage me, the other guy was just not having it. When they switched over to talking about the Hobbit and digital camera work and viewing I also tried to buzz in. I do videography work at my job and have a nice collection of digital video recorders and 2 cents to add to the conversation. Again, guy #2 was not having it.

Eventually I just told them to sit in the corner of the table in my spot. I was excluded from their conversation and since I was at the end of the table, I couldn’t join in with the other topics being discussed at the other side of them. So I not very politely told them to move. I then started speaking to another girl geek at the table about Gambit, Hawkeye, X-mem, Uncanny X-men, Chris Claremont, Batman etc etc.

I don’t understand what the problem was. Did guy#2 mentally label me a fake geek girl? Did my questions about differences between Mario games between Nintendo consoles make him write me off? Was it my comments on behind the scenes LOTR documentaries talking about the Gollum effects? I don’t understand. Does he have a problem talking to new people in general and I shouldn’t think it was personal or a possible afront to my gender?

Like I said, I ended up making the guy sit in a corner and moved on to conversation with other people. It’s really not my concern unless he was actively yelling at my face or something. I tried to join the conversation, but was dismissed. And I don’t go around begging rude men for attention, so I left. I get gawked at by customers at the local comic book store, so I just go in and get my comics and leave.

Now, I’m going to run through the list of Comic Book guests at MegaCon so I can figure out what books I need to take with me to get signed. It’s a four hour drive, so I can’t forget anything.

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