Tolkien – There and back again


Two Saturdays ago I went to the Lord of the Rings extended edition marathon.  A week later I saw the Hobbit.

I woke up on the morning of the LOTR marathon thinking “wait, did I really agree to do this again?” And I had.  I trekked over with my daughter and met up with the usual suspects, the same people who came with me to see the Marvel Marathon for the Avengers. This time though I picked up a new marathon friend.  When I got there the only other person was a Hobbit. Or better said, a rather tall 17 year old boy dressed up as a hobbit.  We befriended him and he gave us some twizzlers, I bought him a Starbucks coffee.

After making it through Fellowship of the Ring, for me the most boring, I found the rest of the experience to be better than I expected.  I had forgotten how excited I would get during the battle scenes. The first time Theoden said “forth Eorlingas!” I almost wept. Almost.  I was probably all cried out from watching the Theodred funeral scene. But the battle of Helm’s Deep was pure adrenaline. How did I ever manage to stay seated the first time watching this? I was ready to battle cry and run towards the screen. Same goes for the battle of the Pelennor Fields.

In between, as I talked to the tall hobbit about Tolkien I found that I know way more about the Tolkien universe than I remember knowing. That happens when you are in deep discussion about parts of the Silmarillion. For Tolkien’s sakes, my daughter is named after a character in LOTR.

And so the following Saturday we trekked over to see The Hobbit.  She’d already seen it with her dad the day before, but she liked it enough to indulge me.  Which was silly thinking really.Of course she wanted to see it again. The movie was amazing.  Mind you, I was never that fond of the book.  The movie had a lot more action than I remember. I enjoyed the movie even more than I thought I would and I had high expectations to begin with.  It’s not everyone who can enjoy a near 3 hour movie that is merely the first segment of a trilogy with no real end. But I’m a fan, and I was happy with it.

After the movie finished and my daughter and I were walking out to the Song of the Lonely Mountain, I picked her up and carried her out as she held on to me.  I hummed along as she giggled. And the Road goes ever on.


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