New Years Resolutions 2013

this is too high a level of cool to aspire to

this is too high a level of cool to aspire to

I read some article online that inspired me to rethink the way I make resolutions. I wish I could link the article, but it’s no great loss since I didn’t agree with the majority it had to say anyway. This year’s resolutions will be simple, short, and consists of making goals of things I actually want to do as opposed to think I am suppose to do.

  1. Finish editing last years NaNo
    This has the benefit of actually having a deadline since the art exhibit that was the inspiration goes up in March. I want to make sure I give the artist time to read it before then
  2. Research for NaNo 2013 biography
    This is a two in one. I will research that astronaut I keep meaning to research. By November I should hopefully be able to write a small biography of him.
  3. Begin to learn Russian.
    This will help me fill out the biography at a later date. Also, it will help with any research into the space program I might want to do in the future. Lastly, it will help for the goal of going to Russia for the World Cup in six years.

And now, a look back at my resolutions for 2012 and how things worked out. Over all not a bad year. Honestly, it doesn’t feel like I did anything at all.

I did drink in moderation. I don’t think I got drunk once in 2012 at all. And that doesn’t feel like an accomplishment. It feels like the opposite, as if I made a resolution to not have any fun. I don’t think I ate any more or less healthy than 2011, but I did start jogging, so there’s that.

I stopped texting and driving. Or at least, I wait until I’m stopped at a red light. I didn’t read more books. I did read a lot of porn, but that’s what I was hoping to avoid. More’s the pity.

Speak out more. I did. I’m getting better at it and I have a new promotion to show for it.

Make an effort to be happy? No, I don’t think I did that. I bought a new journal so I could rant into it instead of fighting the temptation of unloading into this blog. But all I think it really accomplished was giving me insight. I didn’t realize my thoughts were so black. My issues are even worse than I realized and I’ve spent a year feeding them.

I didn’t meet anyone in 2012. A few new people of course, but no one who is even added to my contact lists on my cell phone.  This doesn’t really upset me, but perhaps if I had been more social I’d at least have some new experiences or more moments I could point back to and say “this happened”.

And no, I did nothing as cool as sit in a donut wearing an IronMan suit. Who did besides maybe RDJ?  I did however attend the Marvel Marathon. It’s not the same. I hope 2013 is more exiting in a good way. Not exiting in a natural distaster or plague kind of way.

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