MegaCon – The Whæton Occurance


My daughter and a Gameboy

So I’m back from MegaCon 2013 which went both worse and better than I imagined. It’s the biggest Con I’ve ever been to and I was only somewhat prepared for it.  I just fail to learn my lesson every time.

It was a slew of us.  I’ve never been to a convention with so many people. Most were work people, but good work people, the kind you actually like.  Otherwise I’d have made some serious excuses. But we all met up at the convention center and hung around mostly together despite their being 9 of us (including kids and my one non-work friend). Luckily, we all have similar interests. We didn’t wear matching costumes or anything though discussed the possibility for next year.  We’ll see if that happens, but I really hope we do. I’d love the extra attention.

Which brings me to things I fail at.  The first Con I went to was for Star Trek and I wore a custom made Romulan Commander outfit. I rocked it and people were photographing me all over the place. I have since then failed to garner that much attention. It’s my fault, I just haven’t been rocking very good costumes.  I haven’t put the effort in. Next time I dress up for a con, I am going to make sure to fix that problem, and I hope I remember that cause I keep forgetting.

My daughter dressed up as Hellboy. Now she grabbed a hell of a lot of attention. She grabbed attention from the artists featured at the convention. And, as I pat myself on the back, her costume came out pretty darn good. Unfortunately, she wasn’t allowed into the costume contest. It turns out that only the first 100 people who get the registration form can be in the contest. I understand a cap limit; there are a lot of people at the con. What I don’t get is not having an age range in the registration cap.  Doesn’t that mean that if the first 100 people who sign up are adults then there is no children’s portion? I didn’t get to the registration booth in time, and my kid was not allowed to enter.  She wasn’t of the mind that she’d win, but she likes to be onstage an applauded.  She was sad, but stoic and I thought to myself, she really is growing up that she didn’t cry.  She just put her head down in her lap in her little Hellboy costume.  I spoke with MegaCon employees who all said it was the 501st Legion that was in charge of the contest, but not matter how much I pleaded, argued, and then cried (pulling every mom and cute girl trick I could think of), those Imperialist bastards would not budge.  Fuck you 501st Legion.

But that was Saturday, and after a whole day of walking around my friends and I got tired fast. We took off for a bit and then met up at Downtown Disney where it was St Patrick’s Day weekend and it took a long time to get our food.

Sunday was much better.  I figured I’d lounge around the con in comfortable clothes and get my stuff signed, buy some useless crap and have my kid take her pic with Wil Wheaton.  The day got away from me and I wasn’t able to see everything, but it was a good day. I got almost everything signed.  Chris Claremont was a super nice guy, eating double stuff oreos, who held a conversation with my kid and managed to nicely say that Deadpool should go die in a pool (not his exact words) without making my kid feel bad about liking Deadpool.  She didn’t find a Deadpool plush doll like she wanted but, she was okay because….

Wil Wheaton was awesome. I wish I could directly thank him profusely for being so nice to my kid.  I was so afraid her con experience was going to be ruined because of the costume competition thing, but Wil came to my rescue. She’s a big fan of Big Bang Theory and The Guild, and so a fan of Wil Wheaton.  She’d bought a Wesley Crusher action figure at the comic store in hopes of getting it signed one day the same way that Sheldon Cooper had wanted his signed.  When she saw that Wil was going to be at MegaCon she was beyond excited.

I made her a Wesley Crushers shirt to wear for the photo op. So Sunday morning we went up to Wil’s booth to get her action figure (mint in box) signed.  Now, to be fair, my kid’s name is not exactly normal.  So neither her nor I were surprised when Wil misspelled it.  Neither of us was going to be upset by this at all. She was just so happy to be there in front of him.  But Wil felt bad, and he offered her a Wesley Crusher photo with an autograph to make up for it. When he signed it with “sorry about the æ” I laughed and told him he was too cool. We went on our way and my daughter was in tears she was so happy.  We did the photo op too and he asked her if she was enjoying the con and put his arm around her.

Thank you, Wil. I know it was Sunday and I wouldn’t have been surprised if he was just tired at that point and going through the motions. But this guy really put that extra effort in and I couldn’t appreciate it more. (Especially after last year when Mike Mignola made her cry.)  Now, I should mention I’m a fan as well. I watched STNG as a kid and when Wil reappeared in the Guild I started following his blog, read Just a Geek, and am very happy for his success.  It’s like I feel that but double now. Ain’t no one going to say something bad about Wil Wheaton to me.

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