End of NaNo Hope


Another year down, and as always, I reached 50K.  However, this year, as in only one other, I didn’t actually finish the book.

So this is what happened. I decided to challenge myself this year by writing an Epic Poem because I generally dislike poetry and I thought writing one big poem of a novel would be extra hard.  It was extra hard.  Some days it was a freaking nightmare because writing in verse slowed me down to about half speed typing wise.  While I could normally hit 50-60 words a minute, verse writing had me at 25-30. I didn’t realize going in that this would happen and I was shocked at how much I had to change the way I wrote.

My second problem was this: I decided to go the science fiction route.  All epic poems I’d ever heard of were Earth, historical and/or mythological in some form.  Now, I’m sure there are other Epic Poems out there that don’t conform to those descriptions, but the one’s I had to study in school were Dante and Homer. I’ve skimmed Milton and I skimmed the Finnish Epic Poem the Kalevala. By writing in SciFi I ended up doing something new that i had never had experience with and that is world building, inventing species, cultural mannerisms, Laws at regional, planetary, and galactic level, figuring out how everyone is talking to each other, and inventing technology.

I didn’t realize how crazy I was going to make myself during NaNo because I inadvertently took on three challenges at once: creating a new SciFi universe, writing in verse, writing 50K in one month.

Having said all that, I had an incredible amount of fun.  I love my main character and all her flaws. I loved trying to create about 3 different planets with terrains, people, culture, politics all their own.  I loved coming up with normal sounding names standing next to crazy alien sounding names. And I loved how the verse format brought this entire new level of drama and emotion to what I was writing. I think this has the potential of going somewhere if I actually finish the story (at 50K I’m about 70% done on a first draft) and edit.

Which is something I have never done before when it comes to NaNoWriMo. And it is kind of embarrassing after 6 years not to have any finished work I feel comfortable showing people.  So while NaNo is a skill I’ve about mastered, the next step is one I haven’t tackled. The only work I’ve ever edited was fan fiction. I know they have stuff on the website that’s suppose to help. I suppose at this point I need all the help I can get.

Wish me luck.


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