Clue the Movie – Here’s What Really Happened

I’ve seen the movie Clue multiple times a year for the past 20 years or so. Honestly, while I can quote the movie I’ve never really sat down to analyze it and try to come up with my own theory as to “what really happened.”  I’ve been fine just accepting the DVD version of the actual ending and leaving the plot holes up to the idea that the movie was never supposed to make complete sense. But it did always kind of bother me that if you were actively watching it trying to figure out who killed whom, you might never come to the conclusion from the movie.  So I sat down and re-watched a few more times, and then came up with my own theory.


I’m going to attach a sheet with all my findings, but first let me start with the theory over which everything is based on:

Wadsworth was working for the FBI and Mr. Green is his back-up sent by the bureau. 

This explains:

  • Why there was a call from J Edgar Hoover and Wadsworth’s reactions to it
  • Why no accomplices for Mr. Green show up at the house
  • Why Wadsworth recognized most guests, but not Mr. Green

The FBI was taking down this blackmail ring and it’s potential threat to gov security

This explains:

  • Why J Edgar Hoover was calling
  • Why neither Wadsworth nor Mr. Green (depending on which ending or theory you believe) did nothing to stop the murders that were occurring.

Ivette was working for Wadsworth. While this is true as she is the maid, I believe Ivette knew what the events of the night would be.

This explains:

  • Ivette’s speech when she was meeting with her employer when the lights went out again.

Mrs. Peacock killed the cook – She was the only person missing when the group went to see Ivette in the Billiard room.

Ivette killed Mr. Body – and Wadsworth knew what she was doing at the very moment.  While there are several people who flit in and out of the kitchen scene, Ivette is missing throughout. Wadsworth was missing at the same time as Ivette, but arrived in the kitchen later.

Colonel Mustard killed the motorist – He was already separated from Miss Scarlett and could have found the secret passageway. He had a motive.

Miss Scarlett killed the cop – She was separated from Mustard at some point during the second black out.  She had the motive.

Miss Scarlett killed Ivette – It is obvious to Miss Scarlett at this point that Ivette has betrayed her to Mr. Body.

Miss Scarlett killed the Singing Telegram Girl – Though she has no real motivation, she’s the only on unaccounted for and Wadsworth was upstairs.  he is seen coming down the stairs to turn on the lights.

The Religious Zealot is the Police – He is not one of the accomplices that Wadsworth invited or he would have waited for the zealot to arrive and get murdered before explaining the night’s events. And his arrival is suspicious due to the isolated area and bad weather.

So that’s it. You can download the pdf if you want to see a deeper explanation, my thought process, and wild theories. (J Edgar Hoover called because Wadsworth was blackmailing him with pictures of Hoover in a dress).  As you can see, my findings are pretty close to the “Miss Scarlett did it ending” as stated in the movie. I welcome any questions or counter-arguments.  Above is what I believe most likely happened and it is not definitive. There might be more scenes in the TV version that are not in the DVD. Sometimes for time purposes, TV viewing will have previously deleted scenes. That might make a difference here.

Here is the pdf : Clue




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