Megacon 2014

winner : group competition costume contest

Right. Let’s start from the beginning.

For months I’ve thrown myself Tarot readings about this event and have come up with the Tower over and over again. The worst card in the deck. Things eventually did start going wrong. First my friend fractures his foot making him cancel on me.  Then, I couldn’t get my daughter’s costume sorted out. I went through two seamstresses who basically denied my request. So I decided to try and modify an unitard from Amazon only to have the order get canceled on me. Then Ron Perlman goes and cancels on the Con.

It was at that point I decided not to go and save my money. Perlman was kind of a big deal for us since my daughter dressed up as Hellboy last year for MegaCon. She’s been a big fan for a long time considering she’s 11. Don’t know if I blogged about the time Mike Mignola made her cry, and while I’m not going to blame Perlman because I don’t know why he missed the Con, she really was very disappointed.  She cried for a long while and I felt so bad I bought her ice cream.

It wasn’t until the morning of the Con that I decided to go anyway.  I felt pretty bad being left out while all my other work friends were going. So I packed up the car and my kid and drove out to Orlando. The Tarot cards at this point said things wouldn’t be great, but they wouldn’t be too bad.

So since I was already disappointed going in, I couldn’t really feel all that disappointed when I couldn’t get into the Walking Dead panel. And by that point, my kid wasn’t too disappointed either. The event itself was a bit of a disaster. No communication as to parking, they forgot to put a map of the venue in the event handouts, not enough staff. It was a nightmare at times.

On the bright side, we didn’t have to pay to get in thanks to those friends I made in NOLA. And I got the picture of my daughter with Karl Urban.  That was a more dramatic experience for her than I was anticipating. I thought the picture was just for me (and her dad was really excited too I hear), but she was very excited and happy about the whole experience. If we ever get to another Con with Urban in it I’ll take her to get his autograph on the photo. Some of you might be wondering why Karl Urban was a big deal for us. Well, it’s all about her name and one of his movies.

I’ll tell you right now, Karl Urban is even better looking in person than on TV or in pictures. I am now ruined for all other men. That level of hotness should be illegal. It’s just not fair to the rest of us poor folk. Which brings me to John Barrowman, who was also at the Con. His solo Q&A was Friday, which I missed, but the Torchwood panel was that day if I wanted to go gawk at him.  However, before the Con even started as I was standing with the vendors at their booth, Barrowman comes over to buy comic books from them. I was in complete shock and quickly texted my friend.  And there’s another man who looks even better in person. So I missed the Torchwood panel since I don’t watch Torchwood (though it’s in my Netflix que) and I already got to bask in Barrowman’s beauty.

For my daughter’s part, towards the end of the Con after the disappointment of the Walking Dead panel, we went to a corner where our group was going to meet up with each other. As I was searching the Con for a Castiel or Dean vinyl doll to go with my Sam, the Walking Dead crew passed by where my daughter waited with my friends. She was thrilled to see them so close and to have the actress that plays Michonne smile at her. When I came back James Marsters and Eliza Dushku walked behind me as I told them about not finding what I was looking for. I only saw their backs, but my friends tell me James Marsters is especially short.

Oh, and we accidentally cosplayed. I was wearing my Supernatural shirt with the anti-possession symbol on it and so I decided to wear Sam-esque clothes along with it because I happen to own those types of clothes.  During the Con, my daughter who is a few inches shorter than me still, and dirty blonde got cold so I gave her the green jacket I was wearing.  At this point people seeing us were commenting to each other that we were dressed as Sam and Dean. An unexpected, but nice twist.  Perhaps next year I can dress as the Impala. I already have some ideas.

So the pics are in my Flickr which you can find at the bottom banner of my blog. That’s one of my co-workers in the Tardis suit.

Up next is SuperCon, though I still don’t know what we’ll cosplay there. Perhaps NYCC in October.  Let’s hope for better Cons, and that MegaCon can get their act together next year.


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