The Artist’s Space

In my new apartment my room is larger than the one I use to share with my daughter. I wasn’t specifically looking for a room so large, and I don’t really own that much stuff or so it would seem with all the empty spaces. But in fear that I might have to move and downsize my living space because that’s what happens in life…. I think I’ll refrain from cluttering up the place just because I can.


paintings in various stages of not being finished yet

And in this new space I was able to set my easel out so I could be inspired to paint. I’ve had this easel for a number of years, but never really much of an opportunity to use it. In my mom’s apartment it was impossible. In my old apartment a bit of an inconvenience. Here though I just set it up in the corner of my room and there it sat untouched for about 7 months. Now though I’m working on about 4 paintings at a time.

I’m not a particularly good painter, but it’s kind of a relaxing hobby. Certainly, I’ve seen worse painters. And since I took one painting class about 15 years ago, I’m not exactly saying I know anything about how to be a good painter. Regardless, I went ahead and took some photos of past paintings and added them to my Flickr account as a set. The latest one is the blueish looking fantasy landscape.

my writing space in dramatic lighting. pictured on the laptop is this blog post as I am writing it.

my writing space in dramatic lighting. pictured on the laptop is this blog post as I am writing it.

On the writing side, my desk is set up next to the easel and facing the window.  It’s a nice view of the trees and grass area that sits between the two buildings of the apartment complex. I can see into some of my neighbors apartments if I try, but generally they are not doing anything interesting.

I’m, again, hoping to write and edit more this year and this time I have. But no so much at my desk as more to the fact that this year our NaNoWriMo regional leader has decided to hold more write-ins for us and not just limit it to late October – early December. It’s really gotten me editing. I started with one of the short stories from the NaNo year I used a plot generator. Once I’m done there I’m hoping to move on to my Lovecraft NaNo year while I get some feedback on the plot generator one.

Also new this year is my signing up for Camp NaNoWriMo. It’s not going too well, but I’m hoping to stick it out. I’m just editing and not writing (unless you count the writing I do while editing). I’ve decided to treat myself with the NaNoWriMo typewriter hoodie I wanted, but only if I complete my goal for this month.

I’m getting better, but just slowly. I think perhaps I take my writing too seriously. I recognize that it’s because of my being a perfectionist. It’s okay if I suck as a painter because I know I suck as a painter. Seriously, you don’t have to tell me. But my writing… I would hate to suck at that. I don’t need to be Kurt Vonnegut, but I don’t want to be awful. If I took it in stride like I do my paintings then I’d have more things finished.  And then the world could decide for themselves how badly I suck or not.

In the meantime, click the Flickr link and go see my paintings.




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