Get Your Geek On

from the Star Trek exhibit at Kennedy Space Center

from the Star Trek exhibit at Kennedy Space Center

I suppose by now anyone reading my blog might have gathered I’m a bit of a geek. Now, us geeks all geek out about various things and sometimes they coincide sometimes they don’t. Just watch King of the Nerds and you’ll see what I mean.  At my core I would say I’m a Star Trek nerd. My nerdiest costume is from Star Trek (Romulan Commander, original series, 3×04).  I was also reading comics since I was in grade school. Back then it was Scrooge McDuck mostly though by high school it was X-men and Sandman and Sandman spin-offs (especially Lucifer, speaking of, Mike Carey’s new series The Unwritten is pretty awesome…. while I’m here, the new Magneto series has started off pretty good too… and ST:Into Darkness sucks).

I got off topic. I was going to talk about places in geekdom I’ve branched off in the past couple of years and how.

I finally watched Doctor Horrible because I just heard so much about it. I had nothing against watching it, but sometimes it’s hard for me to carve out time to do something that is me related as opposed to parenting related.  I ended up loving it and so did my daughter who watched it because she loves the cast. We’ve since cosplayed it together as Doctor Horrible and Captain Hammer.

I had held out on Supernatural because I knew I would become addicted to it. Two hot guys in a hot car fighting supernatural monsters? Yeah, I knew I would go down hard if I ever watched the show. Luckily for me it began back when my kid was so young she would only let Disney and Nickelodeon on the TV and I couldn’t watch anything.  Regardless, years later I caved, started watching it on Netflix and as predicted I am plain stupid over the show. I’m not sure if that’s considered geeky.  I did accidentally cosplay it at MegaCon with my daughter. Can I be geeky about all the occult/religious stuff that appears on the show because I love that stuff? (Hello, Lucifer, I seem to like you anywhere I can find you… that came out creepier than I imagined).

just cause it sounded less creepy in my head doesn't make it less creepy (pictured above - a plethora of Lucifers)

yeah, I guess the Lucifer thing is kind of creepy (pictured above – a plethora of Lucifers)

Started watching Doctor Who because I wanted to get the gist of what everyone was talking about. It was obviously big in the geek community and I didn’t want to be completely oblivious so I figured I’d watch a few episodes starting with the 9th Doctor. But once I saw Empty Child/Doctor Dances that was the end of my casual watching and a few months later I had already built a 5ft Tardis playhouse for my daughter. She cosplayed the 10th Doctor later that year.

This post started because I want to buy Portal merchandise. It’s been nagging me for years. You see, I’m a photo major. So when I see the merchandise for Aperture with the logo I want it because it’s an aperture, like a camera. But I know that it’s from Portal and I’m afraid if I’m wearing it someone will think I play Portal and think I’m dumb for wearing it when I tell them I don’t play Portal.  So instead, I’m really thinking I should just play Portal and then I can wear stuff from Aperture.

I just want to wear this and eat some cake. Is that so much to ask.

I just want to wear this and eat some cake. Is that so much to ask.

Also, I finally started watching Firefly. I know, please, stop throwing broccoli at me. I didn’t get around to watching it because it aired the same year my daughter was born, I was dumped and my job went out of business. I was kind of busy and then it was just on this to-do-list after a great many things. So I watched the Pilot the other day on Netflix and it’s pretty cool so I’ll watch the rest this summer. Promise.

At some point I hope to finally have the time to watch Arrow.  I hear good things about it.

I don’t think I’ll ever get into Game of Thrones, sorry. I have enough drama. I’ll just continue to quote Peter Dinklage’s character from tumblr gifs because it would seem I love every word that comes out of his character’s mouth.

well he’s not wrong

I don’t know, I kind of lost track of whats considered geeky or nerdy. It can’t just be stuff you find at comic conventions, right? Because wrestlers show up at the Miami convention. Cary Elwes was down here a couple of years ago. Princess Bride and Saw aren’t nerdy, are they? Who cares I guess, I got to see Elwes and be part of a mass voicemail to Mel Brooks that Elwes recorded on his cellphone. Not everyone can say that.


except the few hundred people who were also there

except the few hundred or thousand people who were also thereat the Q&A

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