American Christian Horror Story


I just finished the first season of American Horror Story. Yes, I’m a little late to the party. It was my daughter’s interest that really made me start watching it despite it sitting in my Netflix list since the beginning of time it seems. My daughter is young, but can handle some stuff others might feel are a bit beyond her years, but I screen everything that might be questionable. Usually, I feel okay about anything that wasn’t originally aired on HBO or Showtime, things like that.

And before anyone jumps down my throat, I very quickly realized AHS was not something she should be watching anytime soon. It’s too bad though, I really enjoyed it and if she’s still interested in the future then I think she’ll enjoy it too.

No I haven’t done any research, but I assume others must have spoken of the Christian overtones. It’s a no brainer with the mentions of the Anti-Christ and all. And I may have missed something, but my first viewing left me with the impression that the house is evil because of the manifestation of all the dead fetus’ from the abortions performed there. The crazed doctor and his wife were the first tenants after all so unless they built the house over the Hellmouth the Murder House resulted from their actions.

But enough about the murder house, sort of. I’m glad they didn’t get so heavy on the possibilities of an anti-christ and left it kind of open ended. It was the medium who mentioned it and she was wrong about the exorcism. The only other person was the sonogram tech.

Having said that, I’m actually really fascinated with all stories where Christian beliefs get depicted in horrifying ways. For example, I’ve been watching the TV show Dominion which is a sequel to another movie I saw, Legion.  I was also a big fan of the movie Dogma and The Prophecy.  And I’m still watching the TV show Supernatural. I also read all of Vertigo’s graphic novel title, Lucifer. I feel like I could go on and on.

I was so glad to find a friend who was also interested in these types of stories. Shout out to her.

For a few years now I’ve been wanting to be an archangel for Halloween. I haven’t due to money because I would really want to go all out. I want armor and a sword. I want people to ask me why I have wings and am looking like I’m ready for battle.  And I’ll answer that the archangels were warriors, duh. Didn’t Michael smite Lucifer into hell?

I’ve always had a soft spot for Lucifer, actually. I always found the story odd that if you are evil you go to hell where you will be tortured.  But at the same time, Satan (Lucifer) is evil and wants to defeat God.  Doesn’t that mean he should use the evil souls to build a bigger army? Or is Satan trying to destroy God’s creation by destroying the souls? If so why is God indulging him? If he’s indulging Satan why doesn’t Satan stop just to rebel some more?

I’m running around in circles here, sorry. I just don’t get it. At some point I want to read the bible in its entirety.  Mostly just so I know what is canon and what is Milton’s fan fiction. The interpretations people have come up with I usually find very interesting.  The stories are almost always horrifying as if we can’t think of a nice solution to it all.  Even Kevin Smith’s Dogma I mentioned before. Yes, it has a happy ending. God showed up and cleaned up the mess and Bethany gets the baby she’s always wanted.  But what happened to Bartleby and Loki? Their story for getting thrown out of heaven actually sounded like one of those stealing to feed your family stories. Did they cease to exist? Did God return them to Wisconsin? Are they in hell? It’s a tragedy in any of those scenarios. (no offense to Wisconsin, but they weren’t happy there)

In conclusion, I don’t know when or if I’ll get to the other seasons of AHS, but the cast is amazing.  Season 2 is Asylum which has always been a particular fear of mine so if season 1 made me afraid to walk around my apartment alone at night in the dark Asylum might kill me. Also, Dominion isn’t as great right now, but it’s got an interesting plot and I hope they renew it because I will keep watching.  As for Lucifer, well, can you blame me for dreaming of Viggo Mortensen?

Oh, you handsome devil.

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