TV Binge Watching

I’ve had three weeks off work. Two for vacation, one for eye infection. Here’s a short review on the things I watched.

1. 24 – Day 4. (last six or so episodes on Amazon TV)
There are two words to sum up season 4: Torture Porn. I generally like 24, and I love Kiefer Sutherland, but by mid-season I declared everyone was a bad guy and I didn’t care what happened anymore. Seriously, every situation was deemed torture necessary.

I meant “interrogation”

2. Arrow – Season 1 & 2 (Netflix)
As good as everyone said. Yeah, I laughed the first few episodes at how Batman-esque the story was, but it’s good. Plot lines are plausible with the superhero suspension of disbelief clause. And mostly, characters react in believable ways. Can’t wait to see season3 and The Flash.

no really, I watch for the plot line

3. Supernatural – Season 5 & 6 (second half of 5, all of 6,  Netflix)
I knew what was going to happen, but cried like a little bitch anyway. Also, didn’t realize I was missing out by never hearing Balthazar speak. And “The French Mistake” was worth the wait. I’m at once sad I didn’t get to experience these shows live and spoiler free, and glad I know what happens so I’m not mad at certain things.

::gross sobbing::

4. American Horror Story – Coven (last 4 episodes of Coven, Netflix)

Everyone warned me this was the worst one, and they were right. Freakin’ hell what a mess. And while Kathy Bates is always on point, it doesn’t mean her characters are well-written. I was seriously misled by the promotion on this show. I was expecting a Lange-Bassett-Bates battle royal, 3 bad-ass witches that would make Voldermort stay in England. What I got was Coven.

I’m going to make my own coven, with black jack and hookers.

I did a few other things while on vacation, but my eye infection consisted mostly of staying home and watching TV with one eye.


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