A lose definition of poetry

Anyone following me on twitter has already heard – I finished that book of poems in one day. Ta-Ra! Officially, I filled up the book which was 32 pages and each poem is anywhere from 5 lines to 20. I kept it simple.

I was met with mixed enthusiasm from friends and family when I told them I what I would be doing. Those who cheered me on, and those who thought I was insulting the artistic expression. All points valid I suppose. As much as I pat myself on the back for this, the entire venture is based on quantity, not quality. And writing poetry is not as easy as I might be making it sound. I spent over 12 hours just staring into space trying to come up with a single idea. At one point what was on the TV was a heavy influence. When I publish, try to find which poems were influenced by The Office, Property Brothers, and Super Mario Brothers.

Saturday, I’ll try to take some images to go with my second rate book of poetry. That way the book is a combo visual/text medium which is something I use to enjoy doing back in my college days.

I’m leaving one sample here unedited. It was the last poem I wrote that day. It was meant as an ending to the day, and tonight I post it for my family members who are grieving. My thoughts are with you.

2014-10-26 16.06.22


There’s a bottle waiting for me
Cooling patiently
A new flavor
for an old scar

There’s a light flickering
Candles lit
in a semi-dark corner
of a well lit room

Late at night
Drop the bottle in a bin
Lock the door
and bring the last light
into my bedroom
before blowing it out


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