The Last Corey

To fully appreciate this post, I’m going to start at the beginning. We all have celebrity crushes from our teen and pre-teen years. Mine included Christian Slater, River Phoenix, Kiefer Sutherland, Keanu Reeves, and last but not least, Corey Feldman. I saw just about every movie these guys made before 1992. Corey Feldman and Kiefer Sutherland both star in what I claim to be my favorite movie of all time, The Lost Boys.

Some of you might have read my blog post composing an Ode to my Lost Boys poster. Here’s what that picture looks like today.


See that? That is Corey Feldman’s signature. I met him today at the ShockPop Convention in Ft. Lauderdale. And now I’m going to blog this whole experience because this was such a fantastic experience for me. This is a story I’m going to tell for years.

I found out Corey would be at ShockPop about 2 weeks ago. I was going to go to the Con because it’s my birthday weekend and it seemed like a good way to spend the time. I wasn’t planning on getting any autographs. As far as The Lost Boys goes, I vaguely hope that in 2017 for the 30 year anniversary I might be able to get autographs from a couple of the actors in it. Some Con nearby would hopefully have a reunion.

But here was Corey Feldman. I couldn’t be any more excited if it had been Kiefer Sutherland (who’s too famous now and I’ll never get to meet). Anyhoo, I wasn’t expecting much from my encounter with Corey. I don’t usually say much to celebrities when I get an autograph at a Con or something. I was fourth in line and despite the xanax I was trembling. Didn’t matter to me if he might be a douche, if he had a half-naked woman sitting next to him. None of it mattered, I just wanted his signature on my poster.

But I got to the front and asked him to sign on the green area. He asked my name and it turns out, as he said with a smile, I have the same name as his first ex-wife. Freaking hilarious. I apologized which he waved off, still smiling as he signed.

And then I told him the one thing I’d planned to say. That in Lost Boys 3 watching him put the Batman #14 on Sam Emerson’s grave broke my freaking heart. I cried. I’d just lost a friend of my own and that scene was poetic and touching. I was afraid that the story might hit a nerve as Sam Emerson is Corey Haim’s character in Lost Boys. Back in the 80’s the two Coreys were usually mentioned together. They were good friends. Feldman took my allusion to Corey Haim’s death with stride. He told me the entire back story to that scene. The conversation he had with Corey Haim about a possible Lost Boys 4. He commiserated with me about his lost friend as I remembered mine.

I’ve never talked so much with a celebrity before. I was like those people I see in line in front of me that end up talking non-stop to the celebrity. And for the first time in my life, I was that person. I must have been standing there 3-5 minutes. And then I said thank you and as I rolled my poster back up he said “thank you, honey.”

I had a post orgasmic look on my face for a good hour. The others I was working with at the Con were all happy for me. I’m so fucking ecstatic that I’m still smiling hours later. He was a pleasure to speak with; very energetic, outgoing and just incredibly pleasant. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

I also went to the Gremlins panel later. Zach Galligan seems pretty great also. Just saying.

photo(4)When I passed by my mom’s to pick up my daughter she (my mom) started teasing me about meeting the guy I whose posters were all over my wall 20some years ago. I blushed. I can’t deny it. I didn’t just meet one of the leads in my fave movie, I also met one of my first loves.


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