Sadly, Not a Cosplayer

Thor cosplaying in Assasin’s Creed gear *

A few years ago I went to the Star Trek convention in New Jersey.  I had the Romulan Commander uniform made for me and it looked great and got a lot of attention. It was an item of my bucket list I could check off.  It was also an experience that I’ve never been able to duplicate.

My daughter usually dresses up for cons and I’ve always made her costumes. I’m really not very good at sewing and stuff but I think she’s been able to pull it off since she’s young and adorable.  People have stopped her for photos at conventions.

But the excitement is running down, I think, our costumes to go to Tate’s or for Halloween have been lackluster.  Like I said, I’m really not very good at it. My last few attempts with myself have been completely off the radar at cons. Granted, I talked to a few cool people while my kid and I dressed as Sam and Dean from Supernatural. And one time, a Halo cosplayer asked me how I made my Winter Soldier arm. That made my day.

I’ve kind of given up. I still make my daughter’s costumes and if she wants me to do it with her as a team costume then I’ll do it. I am the Captain Hammer to her Doctor Horrible, the Winter Soldier to her Captain America, the Ted to her Bill. She’s going to dress up as the Crow for the next convention. So there’s nothing really there for me to dress up as. I’ll just wear some nerdy shirts like my Cobra t-shirt (looks great with my long black hair and glasses), or the Captain America tank-top.

I’m not going to dress up anymore. Unless I’m going to invest in someone else making a good costume for me I just feel embarrassed out there. Plus, I’m like old and stuff. And I’ll be working at a booth anyway.  Yeah, I’m just trying to convince myself that I didn’t find being treated so great at the Star Trek convention awesome.

*This is Ryan Frye whom I saw for the first time while he was dressed up as Thor and is crazy convincing. So much so that anytime I see his cosplay pictures I still imagine it’s Thor wearing a costume. Sorry, dude.

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