Avengers : Age of Ultron

At the late night, double feature, picture show I wanna go - Oh oh oh oh
At the late night, double feature, picture show
I wanna go – Oh oh oh oh

I went to the Avengers Double Feature at AMC (Avengers and Avengers 2). If I’d driven to Orlando I could have done the crazy marathon of all the MCU movies in a row starting with Iron Man 1. Now, I already did the marathon for Avengers where they showed all 6 movies, and I was really hoping for a marathon involving just the Phase 2 movies (Avengers, Iron Man 3, Captain America 2, Thor 2, Guardians of the Galaxy and then Avengers 2). But AMC didn’t offer that so I settled for the Double Feature in Real 3D.

Still, I appreciate AMC’s efforts to let us geeks go nuts.  So here’s my non-spoiler review and you can click the link to see my spoiler crazy review.

I liked the movie. It’s worth the ticket. It’s not the best of the MCU lot, but I got pretty much what I hoped for: a kind of messy plot with enough good elements that I enjoyed it anyway. Any time my brain caught up with the craziness on the screen something awesome would happen and I would just forgive the craziness.

Maybe it helped to have such an enthusiastic audience there with me. We had a really good vibe going and I’m going to have to watch the movie again because I know I missed a lot of dialogue when everyone was clapping and cheering. And we did it a lot.

For the sequel to 10 movies (and 3 TV series) that is the prequel for 6 more movies (and potentially 6 TV series), it is without a doubt worth the $12 or whatever you pay to go watch it. That is, if you like watching movies in the MCU already. I have no idea how this movie would stand alone to people who’ve missed most of the previous 10. I doubt it can be seen as a one off.

And now the spoiler filled review.




The movie starts with some crazy battle scene that I imagine was explained in Agents of Shield, but I don’t watch that show. So I just went with it like, ok I’ll catch up eventually. I didn’t read much in the way of spoilers so I wasn’t aware Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were “enhanced” humans as opposed to mutants. Whatever, I don’t care enough about those characters to complain about that.

I read that RDJ posted some fan art on twitter with what he called the most accurate representation of Avengers 2, and I spent most of the movie saying “Guys, I fucked up” in my head every time Tony spoke to the others.  He was right though. Pretty good representation of the plot of Avengers 2.

I heard from an interview with Renner that there was a lot more Hawkeye this time around. I was very happy to see that’s true. They really make his character more dimensional in this one. I appreciate the family angle because it finally gave one of the Avengers something really big to lose, and that it’s one of the most vulnerable ones really added to the anxiety of it all. Rogers, Banner and Romanoff already lost it all to a certain degree. Tony Stark just has Pepper, and does anyone really buy into the Thor/Jane romance?

Joss Whedon watches SNL

And here’s what I really loved about the family angle – he doesn’t have a shrew of a wife. I was just sitting there waiting for her to pull the whole “this is dangerous, your family needs you, stop this” speech, but nope. She’s completely supportive. She knows who she married and she’s proud of him, and when he doubts his necessity to the team, there’s no question in her mind that they need him. Thumbs up.

The Banner/Romanoff romance caught me a bit off guard. If that came from somewhere I have no clue. I always felt it was Romanoff/Barton. But fine, let’s go with the Widow and the Hulk for MCU. I’ll give Scarlett props, she did a good job of making me buy that this time Natasha wasn’t just play flirting, she genuinely wanted to be with him. And props to Mark because his confusion filled up the screen and I think kind of mirrored the audiences.

I guess

Tony and Steve at odds was a good set-up to get to Civil War.  I’m interested in seeing those differences play out further.

Ultron was weird. I just couldn’t get over the mouth movements. I stared at them the whole time he talked if I wasn’t picturing James Spader in my head. Also, I don’t think I ever felt like he was a real threat. There’s no question the Avengers will triumph. It’s a good thing they added a family for Hawkeye to add some element of anxiety, unless you already knew he was going to be in Captain America 3.

The Vision looked great. And I love Paul Bettany, so it worked for me.

There was some weird camera editing on Scarlet Witch in the beginning to make her seem scarier. I wish they had kept at it. By the end of the movie she was just moving around like an interpretive dancer.

control yourself, woman

The visions the team got from Scarlett Witch were interesting. I found Roger’s to be the most devastating. I really wish Natasha’s had been in Russian and was more about her killing innocents than having a hysterectomy. Tony’s was predictable, and Thor’s was interesting.

I really liked the science bro scenes with Tony and Bruce. I spent most of the movie wanting to give Bruce a hug, science bro scenes included.  I looks like Bruce just gave into Tony even though he felt Tony might be wrong. Why? Personally, I think Bruce didn’t want to alienate one of his very few friends. So sad.

come on Bruce, everyone’s doing it.

My other favorite part was the number of cameos. Finally having more people come in like War Machine and Falcon.

There’s one more thing from the movie I’m going to bring up. There’s people talking about the rape joke in the movie. I’ll say this much – I noticed it the moment it left Tony Stark’s mouth. It brought me right out of the movie. Basically, Tony jokes that if he was a king he’d enact “prima nocta” the rule that the king has dibs on a bride on her wedding night. In the theater I was just offended on Pepper Pott’s behalf. It was rude and demeaning to her even if she wasn’t in the room.

you know in the comics Pepper marries Happy Hogan. Right, Tony?

Is it a rape joke? Well, yeah, kind of. If you think out the idea of a king having dibs then I say the odds are that not every bride would be willing. I don’t remember where this law might have existed, but it’s still kind of Tony making light of cheating on his girlfriend in order to bang more chicks. And these women would have to sleep with him, it’s the law, they would have no choice but to obey him. Now, if Tony Stark was real I wouldn’t be surprised if Tony Stark would make this joke. I am kind of surprised it got through who knows how many drafts, filming, and editing. Not cool, Joss Whedon and RDJ. Some people were offended at the “mewling quim” part of Avengers, but that was coming out of the bad guy’s mouth. I don’t expect the evil overlord to be too polite to insult people he considers ants.

Okay, thus ends my long winded thoughts on Avengers : Age of Ultron. Overall, I’d count it as a win.


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