SDCC : The Priviliged Trailers

Dear 20th Century Fox, why don’t you just give me the fucking trailer for X-Men Apocalypse from San Diego Comic Con. It’s been a few days now give us all a god damn break and let me stop watching a shitty hand-held version I dug up online that’s either only half-screen or mirror image.  What’s the point anymore? Just let us have it.

Seriously, every year many of us are sitting at home looking to San Diego and grinding our teeth in envy. So now we have to go through FB, tumblr, twitter, everyone else’s post about all the awesomeness of SDCC that we will probably never be part of. All the great exclusive items we’ll have to overpay in hopes of ever having.

And to add insult to injury, you 20th Century Fox decide to release exclusive footage for SDCC and then let the rest of us sit here and stew forever. Fine, let those lucky attendees have the privilege of a first look. But this is the internet age, after 24 hours you need to hand that shit over. I’m on my sofa watching a trailer for Deadpool crooked on a small corner of a video screen. Give me a fucking god damn break. What, pray tell, is the benefit of that except pissing me off?

Warner Brothers gave us the Suicide Squad and Batman/Superman movie trailers and I don’t even want to see them. And yes, I’ll continue to seethe now and watch the movies anyway even after being tortured and belittled by 20th Century as they and their little VIP SDCC buddies get off all over their Deadpool and X-men trailer. But I don’t have to like it.


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