Unplugged: Life Without Cable

It’s officially been a year since I yanked out the cable cord (metaphorically) from my life and decided to live off Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime (which I got 50% off).  Those near $25 a month was considerably less than the $100 or so the cable company was charging me. Seriously, I don’t know how those people are still in business. Living off streaming is perfect.  I highly recommend it if you’re able.

The first two weeks were weird.  Normally we (my daughter and I) would just leave some channel on in the background.  Now we had to decide what TV show to marathon or movie to leave on.  I mean, we weren’t always watching TV, but we both like just having the sound on in the background.  Sometimes my daughter listens to her music on her iPod, but generally I prefer to have the TV on. I guess that’s how I grew up.

When I unplugged, the last shows I had been watching live when it aired was How I Met Your Mother and Doctor Who.  The former ended with a finale that had me in tears of pain at the horror. So much horror that I don’t think I will ever trust a finale again not to piss me off so much I wanted to literally rip the Comcast cord from my wall. I now live a spoiler full life. Fuck you How I Met Your Mother.  Doctor Who wasn’t fairing any better with me. I loved Tennant as the Doctor, namely how he viewed life and how he fought.  The 11th was too different for me and his companions interchangeable in personality.

In other words, I didn’t care that I had to wait to be able to watch a show on Hulu. Shows like Constantine, Agent Carter, Arrow, Bob’s Burgers, and Sleepy Hollow. I don’t get Walking Dead, but I don’t mind waiting until it’s on Netflix (I read all spoilers anyway) and my daughter watched it with her dad since he records it on DVR. With Netflix I got to watch Daredevil which was amazing and I recommend everyone who hasn’t seen it sign up for the free week of Netflix and binge watch it.

Amazon Prime did seem a waste of money for awhile aside from the free shipping. I only ever saw a random movie or once I watched season 4 for 24 (I do want to watch the others but who has the time?). They’ve since added a few more things I became interested in like Orphan Black and Hannibal (fuck do I love Hannibal way too much for a show about serial killers and cannibalism. But the metaphors, the cinematography, the slow burn, the developed side characters. sigh). And my daughter has found some shows she likes to watch as well.

I think the only thing we really miss (she misses, not me) is the award shows.  Sometimes we can stream them live.  We streamed the Super Bowl and New Year’s Eve show live. Otherwise life without cable has been pretty sweet.


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