Star Wars : The Force of JJ

This is a spoiler filled blog post, but I’ll put everything under the link located under this picture:


Ok, now here be my Star Wars review, observations, and minor J.J. Abrams rant.

I watched the new Star Wars the Saturday after it came out. While I was hoping to avoid the lines, my brother (and that’s a whole other blog post) wanted next day IMAX 3D. I did end up having to stand in a line for 2 hrs waiting to get in the theater. Honestly, I enjoyed the movie. I wasn’t outright gasping and yelling like everyone, but it was a lot of fun. I like Star Wars, but I’m not a mega-fan and so I knew I wasn’t going to get as crazy critical over The Force Awakens as I was with the Star Trek reboot.

Having said that, I still figured I’d go ahead and make my own comments about the movie.

A couple of days ago I was watching the Mr. Plinkett review for Star Wars Epside III from Red Letter Media. It’s a long exhausting review with incredible insight and a comedy bent.


Now, it could be a coincidence. J.J. Abrams brought Star Trek to movie blockbuster status (by making it not be Star Trek) so it only makes sense to think he might also be able to turn Star Wars around from the disappointment that was the prequels. It couldn’t be worse, right? Mr. Plinkett thought so too. He mentions it a few times and goes into Abrams’ and Lucas’ differing directing styles. Fast forward to about 57:30 (I wasn’t kidding about it being long) and you’ll see what I mean.

So now we have J.J. Abrams directing Star Wars and what happens? A fun action adventure space movie with nostalgic moments and a good start to the new leg of the franchise. Right? But I can’t help but look at this through my J.J. glasses.

What I see is a remake of Star Wars the original. There are a lot of parallels without getting into having some of the same characters and accessories.  A droid with an important file, a young force sensitive on a desert planet, a bar filled with a variety of aliens, an evil person wearing all black with a helmet on who answers to a higher evil, a giant globe in space that destroys planets with one small weakness built in… etc. I get how Lucas’ is complaining that it’s retro and a bit unoriginal.

But, like everything I had a problem with in Star Trek 2009, I’m willing to let it go for now. Call this a good start, and see what part two looks like.

Can I add that aside from lens flare, Abrams apparently also has a hard on for blowing up planets? Like he was so sad he didn’t get to blow up Earth along with Vulcan in Star Trek 2009 that he blew up several planets in The Force Awakens.


I’m going to build my own death star, but bigger. And it’ll blow up tons of planets – Kylo Ren or JJ Abrams, probably

There’s one last thing that kind of bugs me… why is Rey so amazed to hear about what happened in the original trilogy. If Rey was living under a rock she wouldn’t have heard about the rebel v. Imperial war. But she did hear about it and the new rebellion. What she knows, doesn’t know, and thought might be a myth about the Galactic government just seem to change depending on the scene.  And I’ll give her character some bonus points for obviously having at least 1 Jedi parent, but she has no training with a lightsaber or any sword type of weapon that we see. Her weapon is a staff and she manages to defeat Kylo-Ren who has 1 force sensitive parent and was trained by Luke himself. Really? Did he lose on purpose?

Anyway, props for having a female main character, Phasma was underused so I hope there’s more to her story later, shout out to Cuban-Guatemalan actor behind Poe, good job Finn, good job original cast it was great to see you, does Kylo-Ren dye his hair black because Han and Leia don’t have black hair, having a death planet in the first act seems like blowing your wad early good luck trying to top that, I still think it’s a stupid lightsaber design, RIP Han Solo, we love you.


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