Transgender and bathrooms

In light of the recent controversy, I’m blogging the argument I’ve been making about a year now ever since this topic came up in a conversation around me.

Basically, I don’t understand why this issue is an issue and how it ever became such a huge mainstream question at all. How would I even know if I was in the bathroom with a person who is transgendered? Who is the perv looking into stalls checking out people’s genitals… excuse me “making sure” that the correct genitals are in the correctly labeled room.  If I happen to look under a stall for feet to see if a bathroom is occupied, and I as a woman see man’s shoes or hear someone who might be peeing while standing up… I’m not running out screaming that there might be a man in the bathroom. It might be a woman in man’s shoes or someone with a medical condition emptying their colostomy bag. I don’t know, and I really don’t care.

I have to deal with the very real 12 year old boys that mom’s are bringing into the ladies room. I couldn’t care less what genitals the person in the stall next to me has.

The people in support of these laws are ignorant or bigoted and most probably a combination of both. There is no issue here. Laverne Cox shouldn’t have to use the men’s room and Chaz Bono would probably be directed to the men’s room by a helpful person if he tried to use the ladies room. And that is something no one needs to make any laws about except mind your damn business. I don’t want to imagine how these laws would be enforced. It’s too much of a dystopian nightmare.


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