Ghostbusters: Then and Now

I liked the movie. Let’s start there.


A few years ago I was all about “fuck reboots” and then Hollywood decided not to listen to all us haters since people kept buying tickets to see these movies, so for the most part, I don’t care if a movie is a reboot anymore. The exceptions being movies that get rebooted in less than 10 years time (I’m looking at you Spiderman…. and holy shit if I have to see Batman’s parents get shot one more time I am going to turn into the Joker myself).

I love  the original Ghostbusters, my daughter loves the original Ghostbusters. We even like part 2. I  was six when the original came out so my view is colored by nostalgia.  Re-watching those two movies is somewhat painful.  Because now I’m old and it’s no longer the 80’s and it’s hard to accept that I can’t stand Peter Venkman. But I still love the rest of the cast and if anyone has a chance to go to a Con with Ernie Hudson, I highly recommend.

Anyway, to wrap up that long story, I don’t care that they made a reboot of Ghostbusters. It doesn’t take anything away from my enjoyment of the original films. I know Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray (who never wanted to make a Ghostbusters 3 himself but is yet in this movie in a minor role and not just a cameo), and Ernie Hudson are cool with this movie so that’s good enough for me not to get mad on their behalf.

So that just leaves me going to see a movie with four actresses that I already like. I’ll watch any Melissa McCarthy movie cause even when they are not that good I still get a few laughs. I don’t like Kristen Wiig’s indie movies, but her mainstream stuff is funny. I watch SNL all the time and Kate McKinnon is one of my fave’s and I think Leslie Jones’ on the show is pretty funny as well. Chris Hemsworth is cherries on a cake I was already going to buy.

So I go watch the movie and yeah I liked it. I don’t want to compare it to the original because, again, nostalgia tinted glasses. It was funny. I was hoping for Bridesmaid’s funny, but that movie was rated R, this one is PG-13 so it’s not fair to really compare them. I do want to see this again. I want to own the special edition. I want to go out and buy a Ghostbusters t-shirt.

I posted this review the day after I saw the movie, the weekend of it’s opening, because I’m really pissed about all the bad reviews this movie is getting since last Monday by people who hadn’t even seen the movie yet or proudly exclaim how bad this movie they will never see is because somehow they know. We all know what I’m getting at here, and I think the fact that this movie has the lowest rated trailer on YouTube and no other reboot movie has ever held that honor says a lot.

This isn’t the best movie of all time and not everyone will like it. But this isn’t the worst movie of all time. It’s not even the worst entry in the Ghostbusters fandom of all time. A lot of people think it’s pretty funny. So if you are ambivalent about seeing the movie, don’t let the vagina haters who are boycotting the movie sway you. When you are deciding upon what movie to watch just ask yourself if you are in the mood for a comedy or not. There are a few choices out in the theater right now: Finding Dory, Secret Life of Pets, and Ghostbusters.



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