I like to think I’m more of a writer than an artist, but truth is before I learned how to write I use to tell stories by drawing them.  In high school I ended up in Photography, mostly because I was afraid that the auto-mechanic class would be filled with guys making fun of me for being a girl.  But I was okay enough that the state gave me college scholarship for my high school photography.  I ended up double-majoring in Art Photography and Creative Writing.

Since graduating with my BA I’ve generally thought of myself as a hack. But I keep working anyway because the alternative, not creating, just makes me feel bad.


Pilgrim from Tralfamadore


A few years ago I made a model inspired by the Tralfamadore aliens of Kurt Vonnegut’s imagination. I named him Fred.  He was lost  through no fault of my own.

A few years later, I’ve made another one. This one I’ve named Pilgrim in honor of Billy Pilgrim the protagonist of Slaughterhouse Five. Pilgrim will now take up his predecessor’s reigns. You can find more about my Tralfamadorians and where to purchase any art by going to my tralfamadore page.


Santa Lucia

I’ve been painting since I can’t even remember when.  I don’t claim to be any god at it.  I’ve mostly painted as a form of stress relief or as a cheap gift to someone since I usually have paint.

You can see some samples on my Paintings page or go directly to the Flickr gallery.


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