Tralfamadore series

I twice made a real life sculpture inspired by Vonnegut’s Tralfamadore alien race.  When I say sculpture I mean a plunger, a gardening glove, and some green paint. I’ve photographed it and had some fun with it throughout the years.

I was going to make a series of these and then I didn’t.


The Coconut Grove Peacocks – on Flickr

There are these peacock statues all over Coconut Grove, FL. One day I got it into my head that I would photograph all of them with Pilgrim. Photos taken in August 2010.

Pilgrim with Peacock


Tralfamadore items on

Items you can purchase made from my Tralfamadore art. I have several different types of items like t-sirts, posters, phone cases and even a neck tie. You’ll incidentally also find a happy little volleyball graphic which is a character my friend and I started drawing back in high school.

zazzle store samples



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