How to Attract Men – actually, how to sabotage yourself if you have a crush

I don’t know.

No, I’m sorry. I was talking to someone and mentioning my blog post How to Repel Men and so then she asks, “ok, well how do you attract men?” And so I laughed and admitted defeat.

Historically if I was attracted to a guy there was a series of things I would do.  None of these things was a potential way to attract this person, it was a list of things I would do to try and ensure that this guy never found out I was interested in him.   I’m not sure if that sounds crazy or not.  In my head it makes perfect sense.

I didn’t want to be in the vulnerable position of being interested in a guy in anything more of the “you are attractive, anyone can see that, doesn’t mean I care” vibe going.  And there are genuine instances of that.  I might know someone who is really good looking, but I don’t care because they might not be my type or I’ve gotten to know them and all attraction is gone.  But yes, sometimes I might have some big crush on a guy and while most people might be wondering how to get their attention I was busy making sure they didn’t know I existed.

So let me go through the steps here.

How to Play it Cool


Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012

I have a special love and admiration for Neil Gaiman.  I don’t think I idolize him necessarily.  His bibliography is filled with things I adore, words I live by, things I think are all right, things I didn’t particularly like, and things that put me to sleep. Oh, Neil. I think his blog is what moved him from just an author to someone that his fans can really feel close to. For me, the way I feel about him I can compare to that of a professor/student relationship.  It’s like in college where you are in a huge auditorium class.  Chances are your professor won’t even read your paper, instead a TA will because the volume of students is too large. But you sit in class with rapt attention as the professor lectures, and you know that even if he will forget your face, and never learn your name he’s happy to teach you and pass along knowledge wishing for the best for all his students.

So I sit in rapt attention at another lecture from Neil Gaiman.

The rest of this blog is an outline of the speech given in the above video. Or, the notes I would have taken if this were a class.

Of course I’m a fangirl. I was a teenage goth