24 Hour Comic Day – A Challenge!

A new writing challenge! Well, new to me anyway. I think I remember hearing about this before, but paid it no mind. But this year, oh, I am so there.  Now, I’m not exactly an artist, but I think sometimes the story can carry mediocre drawing skills.  It’s going to have to in my case.


add Music Video Director to my resume

My friends have a rock/indie/garage band called Drawing Bored. Here’s their Reverbnation page.

Why is this relevant? Because I’m working with them on some promotional work.  It’s the kind of thing I usually don’t want to do and then I have to drag myself over there thinking “these people are my friends. I must do this for them. I don’t want to be a bad friend.”  Then I get there with all my equipment and it turns into the funnest thing ever and I just want to shoot and record all the songs and every time they open their mouths or do anything. Because of course everything makes great B-footage. Then I get to my computer and start working on the 300+ photos I took and the hours of footage and it’s even more fun cause I have free creative control and I get to create something.

I really enjoy what I do. I love doing audio-visual work. It’s not even work. It’s fun.

The photo they have up now in front of the graffitti is from the shoot. I’m currently working on photoshopping some of the other photos the band liked.  I’m also working on their kickstart video plea as well as a music video for the band.

I’m pretty excited.

A Study in Paint

I don’t paint often.  I have an easel now, though.  Thanks to my new apartment I’m finally able to put it together and have space to use it.  So I’ve been thinking of painting because it’s a cheap way to give Xmas presents wince all it would take is time.  I have all the materials.  All the kids will still get real gifts, as well as my mom.  Ok, maybe no one will get paintings.

Here is a list of people I wouldn’t mind painting.  Maybe I could sell it on etsy:  HP Lovecraft, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Kurt Vonnegut, Alexander Dumas, Bram Stoker, Nikola Tesla.

Here are the paintings I remember making and what ultimately became of them:

  1. Saint Lucy – on mom’s wall
  2. Angel – on mom’s wall
  3. Les Miserables – given away, unknown
  4. Post-Apocalyptic landscape – given away, lost
  5. Nirvana – given away, lost
  6. Edgar Allan Poe – given away, lost
  7. Under the Pink – given away, unknown
  8. Owl on branch – given away, in storage?

Sleepwalking Past Hope

I met someone, I met him a year ago, but I was speaking with him in an elevator the other day and he was holding a portfolio. I asked him if he was an artist. He said “technically.”

The rest of the short conversation established what he meant by that. And therein I found someone who understood my hesitation to ever call myself an “artist” or a “writer” even though I hold Bachelor Degrees in both art and creative writing.

If you call yourself an artist or writer there’s this expectation, though I’m not sure that’s the right word. I think by now I’ve established that I’m a very creative person, but I’ve never reached that point where I feel comfortable saying I’m an artist.

I’ve never done much to really put myself out there in the art or literary world. I was just never very confident in my abilities. Maybe I’m afraid to find out. Right now I can just walk around with the delusion, I can still hope.

Really putting myself out there and really finding out my level of worth is a scary thought that I’ve always been too lazy and too scared to try. I know what you’re thinking. I should just go for it – woo-hoo! but at least now I have hope. It can’t be crushed if it’s stagnant. Not until I’m dead anyway.