Avengers : Age of Ultron

At the late night, double feature, picture show I wanna go - Oh oh oh oh
At the late night, double feature, picture show
I wanna go – Oh oh oh oh

I went to the Avengers Double Feature at AMC (Avengers and Avengers 2). If I’d driven to Orlando I could have done the crazy marathon of all the MCU movies in a row starting with Iron Man 1. Now, I already did the marathon for Avengers where they showed all 6 movies, and I was really hoping for a marathon involving just the Phase 2 movies (Avengers, Iron Man 3, Captain America 2, Thor 2, Guardians of the Galaxy and then Avengers 2). But AMC didn’t offer that so I settled for the Double Feature in Real 3D.

Still, I appreciate AMC’s efforts to let us geeks go nuts.  So here’s my non-spoiler review and you can click the link to see my spoiler crazy review.

I liked the movie. It’s worth the ticket. It’s not the best of the MCU lot, but I got pretty much what I hoped for: a kind of messy plot with enough good elements that I enjoyed it anyway. Any time my brain caught up with the craziness on the screen something awesome would happen and I would just forgive the craziness.

Maybe it helped to have such an enthusiastic audience there with me. We had a really good vibe going and I’m going to have to watch the movie again because I know I missed a lot of dialogue when everyone was clapping and cheering. And we did it a lot.

For the sequel to 10 movies (and 3 TV series) that is the prequel for 6 more movies (and potentially 6 TV series), it is without a doubt worth the $12 or whatever you pay to go watch it. That is, if you like watching movies in the MCU already. I have no idea how this movie would stand alone to people who’ve missed most of the previous 10. I doubt it can be seen as a one off.

And now the spoiler filled review.

So many spoilers here


Be a Hero despite what Disney seems to think

you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry

My daughter still likes to go into the Disney store if we’re at the mall, but rarely does she ever find anything she’d actually want to buy.  The last few things I remember her getting were an Avengers towel and  a stuffed toy of the dog from Frankenweenie.

When she was younger and spent long periods of time in the Disney princess section, I just sat in the corner with my phone and waited until she was done. I would buy her a nightdress of her favorite Disney princess.  Now she prefers Pixar stuff like Toy Story, Monsters Inc (both on the boys side of Disney) and Finding Nemo (which is usually just in the back somewhere) and of course, Marvel.

The gender bias is something I usually just navigate around. My daughter feels comfortable going to the boy’s section in Target to find Marvel and Angry Birds merchandise.  I’ve posted before about the lack of variety in comic book style t-shirts for women and the sad sexism found in some of the options available. So a few days ago I hear about the Disney Marvel shirts and their new options.

Who thought this was a good idea?

these are Not the Nerds you are looking for

Florida SuperCon. My daughter in her Poison Ivy costume wearing the Hellboy mask she got from Duncan Fegredo when he signed her Hellboy graphic novel.

I was sitting at the front desk with my coworker who happens to be a fellow nerd and parent. His daughter is going to be Abby from NCIS for Halloween, mine is going to be Doctor Horrible.  So we’re gushing about our daughters when he brings up this story from a few years ago about a girl being bullied for liking Star Wars.  That’s awful, needless to say.  My daughter has an Avengers lunch box this year and sometimes she’ll mention how some kid at school will comment that she likes “boy things”, but she brushes it off and pities their small mindedness. She’s so much like me I could cry.

I’m left wondering though, what is the difference? How is it that this poor girl with the Star Wars bottle is teased horribly, while my daughter with the Avengers lunch box isn’t? Is it location? Size of school?

If you try to bully me I won’t stop until you cry

I survived the Marvel Marathon for The Avengers

Last Thursday (Thor’s-day, heh) was the Marvel marathon leading up to The Avengers premiere in the US at midnight making it technically Friday. I dared to conquer this great trial, a test of my nerd status.  There were those who questioned my ability, my sanity.  But those are the casuals who never dream to be part of anything grand.

Ok, all drama aside, sitting in a movie theater watching six 2hr+ movies in a row is not easy. I had worrying about it since I bought the tickets.  What if I got sick or a migraine? What if my kid got sick like she did when we went to see Thor and I had to take her home and miss the movie? What if I fell asleep during the Avengers? What if I was too tired to drive home?

we will make it through somehow

It’s a Men’s Avengers T-Shirt World

As can be seen above, there was no female interest at the Avengers movie premiere. Unless you count all those girls.

When I was in high school, before the massive outbreak of internet users and a world of seemingly endless possibilities, I was a petite young girl.  Today I’m still petite and yet in the world of the internet and seemingly endless possibilities, I sometimes reach a limit. I’m actually talking about t-shirts. T-shirts for my fave bands only ever came in men’s sizes. Well, perhaps Unisex, but to me that’s the same thing as being a men’s size. It’s a large shapeless piece of cloth that makes me look like I’m wearing my (hypothetical) dad’s Led Zeppelin shirt.  The same thing happens if for some reason I find a boy’s size. It’s just a shorter boxy shirt.  I suppose I could have bought a shirt and tailored it – if I knew how to sew.

So today, even with the advent of the widespread internet, finding an officially licensed, not bootleg, shirts for my fave nerd themes is almost as difficult.  Why is it I can only find two shirts for THOR? One with cover art (eh, it’s okay) and one with his comic self making out with Sif?  Is it cause I’m a girl so obviously I want a t-shirt with kissing?

This all started when I was trying to find an Avengers shirt for the Avengers movie next week.  What I really wanted was something with Loki on it, but as a girl nerd I wasn’t holding out too much hope.  I go to Marvel’s website and when I finally find the women’s shirts, of which there are 4, the first thing I see is a shirt that says “I fight in heels” written in glitter pink.  If you’re not insulted, the second was “I only date Super Heroes.” Why Marvel, why?

Disney Store only sells Avenger shirts for boys or men, Walmart only has men’s, Hot topic only has men’s… and so on.

I didn’t expect to find a shirt, but I also didn’t expect to feel insulted