Interpol’s Paul Banks

I’ve been listening to Interpol none stop for awhile now. Today I was looking at the bass tabs, but I don’t think I can do my fave songs yet. Anyhoo… the lead singer looks like my ex too much so there will be no watching this band for me. I will just listen.

It use to be my physical ideal, but I just can’t date anyone that looks like my ex. It seems unfair to the guy or like if everyone will be thinking that I’m only dating said guy for his looks. I should look for curly haired men or brunettes… or graying comedians/fake newscasters.


learn to play bass with a band notorious for having no bass

Even though I know every single Metallica song (from before Newsted left) I find it very difficult to play along to some of the songs. Today I realized that I’m having difficulty specifically with Newsted songs. Namely… ha ha… I can’t distinguish the bass. I’m no problem with Orion (though I can’t get through the song completely yet), but the Black Album songs.. there comes a point where I just can’t hear the bass and I get lost.

Right now I’m focusing on learning “So What”, along with my ongoing struggle with “Orion”. Thank god for the metronome, I’m learning to play the rhythm which has this small tiny hiccup where it skips the 2nd beat sometimes and that is what seems to get me all screwed up.

Now, I’m pretty sure …and Justice for All is the only album famous for Metallica turning down the bass, but really, I should look into the other albums, I don’t think they’re exactly bass friendly either.

Post Dump:Obama, Colorado, Jase, Jon/Stephen, Ghost Hunters

Today is a happy Tuesday. First off of course is the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Now, I’ve never been as excited over this as everyone else seems to be, but I must admit a huge smile at the thought of NO MORE W. BUSH. That is so awesome for so many reasons. I’ve spent the last 8 years embarassed of my country’s political leader. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out George.

Obama pictures and McCain pictures

Happy Tuesday and all the random thoughts just spill out of my brain

Another Manic Monday

I’m back from vacation, but school is still not in session so I have another few days of quiet time around here. At home I’ve just been watching Ghost Hunter episodes from the DVDs I bought. I’ve only practiced skateboarding 2x since I got it, but already I see improvement and I haven’t fallen on my ass yet (or any part of my body). I got a music player program to help me with bass guitar cause there are a couple of line sin Orion I’m having difficulty with and I needed t5o hear it without the guitar going so I could really understand what he was doing.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I got so much going on it doesn’t seem like I have enough hours in the day to do everything.


Tomorrow is my last day at work before I take a week and a half off for Christmas and new years. There is absolutely nothing to do at my job right now. Thankfully, in anticipation of this, I am not bored. I’m actually quiet busy.

So far I’ve finished the first draft of the last chapter in my Hellboy story. I should have it up tomorrow.

Then I looked up some skateboarding tips on YouTube. There’s a lot I hadn’t considered but was made aware of by playing Wii at Burger King where they had a skate demo set up. I took the trucks off my new skateboard I got on sale and my friend sanded down the graphics. At home I’ve been working on painting the Anima Sola image on it.

Right now I’m working on my Finnish. I’ve been neglecting it for a couple of months. This makes me feel bad. I don’t want to put off the bass the same way I’ve put off my Finnish. It’s just hard to get into it when I don’t live in Finland and I don’t know any Fins. I was thinking maybe if I got a Finnish pen pal or something. I use to have one, but she stopped writing to me.