Sadly, Not a Cosplayer

Thor cosplaying in Assasin’s Creed gear *

A few years ago I went to the Star Trek convention in New Jersey.  I had the Romulan Commander uniform made for me and it looked great and got a lot of attention. It was an item of my bucket list I could check off.  It was also an experience that I’ve never been able to duplicate.

My daughter usually dresses up for cons and I’ve always made her costumes. I’m really not very good at sewing and stuff but I think she’s been able to pull it off since she’s young and adorable.  People have stopped her for photos at conventions.

But the excitement is running down, I think, our costumes to go to Tate’s or for Halloween have been lackluster.  Like I said, I’m really not very good at it. My last few attempts with myself have been completely off the radar at cons. Granted, I talked to a few cool people while my kid and I dressed as Sam and Dean from Supernatural. And one time, a Halo cosplayer asked me how I made my Winter Soldier arm. That made my day.

I’ve kind of given up. I still make my daughter’s costumes and if she wants me to do it with her as a team costume then I’ll do it. I am the Captain Hammer to her Doctor Horrible, the Winter Soldier to her Captain America, the Ted to her Bill. She’s going to dress up as the Crow for the next convention. So there’s nothing really there for me to dress up as. I’ll just wear some nerdy shirts like my Cobra t-shirt (looks great with my long black hair and glasses), or the Captain America tank-top.

I’m not going to dress up anymore. Unless I’m going to invest in someone else making a good costume for me I just feel embarrassed out there. Plus, I’m like old and stuff. And I’ll be working at a booth anyway.  Yeah, I’m just trying to convince myself that I didn’t find being treated so great at the Star Trek convention awesome.

*This is Ryan Frye whom I saw for the first time while he was dressed up as Thor and is crazy convincing. So much so that anytime I see his cosplay pictures I still imagine it’s Thor wearing a costume. Sorry, dude.


Megacon 2014

winner : group competition costume contest

Right. Let’s start from the beginning.

For months I’ve thrown myself Tarot readings about this event and have come up with the Tower over and over again. The worst card in the deck. Things eventually did start going wrong. First my friend fractures his foot making him cancel on me.  Then, I couldn’t get my daughter’s costume sorted out. I went through two seamstresses who basically denied my request. So I decided to try and modify an unitard from Amazon only to have the order get canceled on me. Then Ron Perlman goes and cancels on the Con.

And then more went wrong

Genderswap in Cosplay

Down with gender assigned roles. Be what you want.

A few years ago I was dressed up as Padme in Star Wars Episode 2 (the all white outfit) for Halloween.  While I was getting into my car a little girl on the balcony of my apartment asked “What are you dressed as?” So I replied. And then she tells me “Star Wars is for boys.” And my heart died a little inside for her.

I’ve been very successful thus far to raise my daughter away from that type of thinking.  She likes what she likes and doesn’t let and gender stereotype ideas affect the things she likes. She’s both girly and tom boy-ish. Last week she wanted her nails painted gold and red – because those are Iron Man’s colors. She’s been Batgirl, Poison Ivy and the 10th Doctor for Halloween. She has no concept of “that’s a boy character and I can’t dress up as a boy character”.  The only influence I have is saying yes every time she asks me if she can be so-or-so for Halloween. Whatever you want to be, YES.

I enjoy a good cosplay, a lot of work goes into it.  And for this post I bring up that I love the acceptance of genderswapped cosplay. If my favorite character is Gambit why should I not dress up as Gambit just cause I’m a girl? Why should I limit myself to female characters? This is fantasy roleplaying, limiting myself would be defeating the purpose of the game. I’m no more Rogue for putting on a Rogue costume. Screw it, I’ll be Gambit.

So this year with Avengers, my little girl wants to be Hawkeye. YES. For some reason there’s no child costume for Hawkeye, not even marketed for little boys I mean, nada. But if you click the link or saw the movie you’ll know there’s really not much to it. I’m sure I can make it for her. She’s been dressing up as Black Widow around the house for a few weeks now. It’s an even easier costume choice on her part.

I understand some characters already have the female version (batgirl, supergirl, spiderwoman), but I think sometimes it’s just not the same thing. Character backgrounds are different and a person might identify more with one than the other.    Plus there’s also this problem…

I love letting guys look up my skirt while I fly around. tee-hee.

Also this problem…

“Captain Wonder, don’t you want to fight in a costume where your junk might fly out? Trust me, it’s liberating. Um, what’s all this white stuff?”

Sorry about that. Sometimes it’s just hard to swallow the problems with female roles in comic books.