The Black Sabbath Paranoid gene

from what I’ve seen of this show it’s a pretty accurate description of the relationship btw me and my daughter (image from Gilmore Girls)

Are the mental issues of parents hereditary? I was afraid they were and then my friend who studied anthropology said they weren’t.  I remember when Kurt Cobain committed suicide, articles would mention that his uncle had also committed suicide. That had been proof enough for my young brain and it stuck with me through the years.  My friend managed to appease me, but now I’m not so sure anymore she’s right.

My daughter’ been having a hard time transitioning in middle school. For the most part she’s a social butterfly and generally happy, but her grades have suffered and she has a hard time dealing with a few issues. Is it just a natural part of growing up or has she inherited some sort of anxiety/depression gene from her dad and me? A brief internet search tells me I have the right to be worried.

I’ve told my daughter a few times now that if she wants to see a counselor that I can help her find one and it’s okay to go to a few before she find the right one. But I have no idea what I’m talking about and am going off other people I know who’ve received therapy. I have never felt comfortable with the idea of going to a therapist for myself. We all need therapy


I lost the Bang with the Big Bang Theory

I want to believe

I still watch the Big Bang Theory.  I’ve missed a couple of episodes this season, but I’ll catch up in a bit.  It use to be something I made time for in my schedule to watch new episodes, but my like in the show has seriously waned. There were things about it that bothered me, and after poking around online I realized I wasn’t the only one who liked the show, but for some reason disliked it at the same time.  Let me go into my problems with the show.

The first time I had an issue with the show I never got over was Episode 1 of Season 3, “The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation”. After the guys return from the North Pole it’s revealed that Leonard, Howard and Raj tampered with Sheldon’s research by using an electric can opener.  Now, there’s no way that Sheldon should have published those results quickly (I can’t imagine any scientist would) but deliberately screwing with someone’s research is unforgivable. For the sake of making fun of their “friend” they played a prank on him during a very serious point in his career. Why? I just wanted to reach into the TV and say “Sheldon, these are not your friends. You’re better off alone.” Because that is such a seriously messed up thing they. How could Sheldon ever trust them again for anything? They are no better than the bullies he had to deal with as a kid.

For me this kind of ruined the show on a fundamental level.  But I kept watching.

Penny and Amy and even Stuart