Get Your Geek On

from the Star Trek exhibit at Kennedy Space Center
from the Star Trek exhibit at Kennedy Space Center

I suppose by now anyone reading my blog might have gathered I’m a bit of a geek. Now, us geeks all geek out about various things and sometimes they coincide sometimes they don’t. Just watch King of the Nerds and you’ll see what I mean.  At my core I would say I’m a Star Trek nerd. My nerdiest costume is from Star Trek (Romulan Commander, original series, 3×04).  I was also reading comics since I was in grade school. Back then it was Scrooge McDuck mostly though by high school it was X-men and Sandman and Sandman spin-offs (especially Lucifer, speaking of, Mike Carey’s new series The Unwritten is pretty awesome…. while I’m here, the new Magneto series has started off pretty good too… and ST:Into Darkness sucks).

I got off topic. I was going to talk about places in geekdom I’ve branched off in the past couple of years and how.

Some people call me the space cowboy


About a Girl: Doctorin’ the Tardis

Doctorin’ the Tardis – KLF

For her ninth birthday this year, my daughter wanted a Tardis. Specifically, this TARDIS.  She wanted a space she could go to be alone. I get that.  When I was younger I always wanted my own room. I’ve still never had my own room.  When I was a kid I always wanted one of those back-yard play areas, but I didn’t live in a house. We couldn’t afford to live in a house. If I couldn’t get my daughter a bedroom to call her own I could damn well make her a blue box she could play in, decorate, hide. Her own space.

The Tardis wardrobe product doesn’t fit nicely in my apartment so after trying to dissuade her half-heartily (I can’t be too adamant when my daughter is asking for a Tardis. How awesome is that?), I suggested I build her one. Oh, I didn’t realize what I was getting into.  I finished though, and she’s happy.

Our Tardis was made using old outdated posterboards from my job that someone stuffed in a closet instead of throwing away.  Let’s call me taking them recycling.  I cut them up to the size I needed for the space and then ducked tape them (white-duct tape is better here) together.   The first attempt caved in on itself, but my daughter didn’t seem upset at all.  I suspect she had unwarranted confidence in me that I could do it.  I wanted to throw in the towel, but I’d already invested money in the thing. Plus, I didn’t want to let her down.  She gave me the time and faith to keep going.

The second attempt had me making a free-standing Tardis. This worked.  All the sides, floor, and roof helped keep each other up.  I painted it blue, stuck the doors on with plastic cable ties, and then glued on the signs.  The black boxes below the windows are black electric tape.

Finally, almost a month after starting the project, I was done. It looks pretty cool sitting there in it’s little spot.  It isn’t perfect. I even got the number of black boxes on the sides of the Tardis wrong.  But it works. My daughter isn’t so picky that she was going to tell me it wasn’t perfect. We’re going to get her a chair so she can sit inside. She needs a light in there too. But she’s excited and already going in and out of it sometimes randomly.  Sometimes when I walk past it I swell with pride.  I didn’t let my daughter down, and… well, it looks pretty cool, too.

pictures of the creation of our TARDIS