but everyone plays Super Mario

I haven’t wanted to make any posts on the flux of stories about the “Fake Geek Girl” controversy based on an imaginary problem some dudes made up. That sums up my view on it. However, I know it’s a problem because it’s a legitimate fear I have and the reason I, and a few other girls I’ve known, stay away from particular comic book stores.

A few posts ago I mentioned how the new store I’ve started visiting, since Gambit has returned in his own series again, was a place I felt comfortable going to. This is because the guy behind the counter is pleasant. The worst I’ve heard him say is that “all the girls are buying Thor comics now”. I’ll admit that I love Gambit for his personality, the stories, as well as his sex appeal.

this was drawn for me
this panel was drawn for me

the part where Mario Brothers comes in


these are Not the Nerds you are looking for

Florida SuperCon. My daughter in her Poison Ivy costume wearing the Hellboy mask she got from Duncan Fegredo when he signed her Hellboy graphic novel.

I was sitting at the front desk with my coworker who happens to be a fellow nerd and parent. His daughter is going to be Abby from NCIS for Halloween, mine is going to be Doctor Horrible.  So we’re gushing about our daughters when he brings up this story from a few years ago about a girl being bullied for liking Star Wars.  That’s awful, needless to say.  My daughter has an Avengers lunch box this year and sometimes she’ll mention how some kid at school will comment that she likes “boy things”, but she brushes it off and pities their small mindedness. She’s so much like me I could cry.

I’m left wondering though, what is the difference? How is it that this poor girl with the Star Wars bottle is teased horribly, while my daughter with the Avengers lunch box isn’t? Is it location? Size of school?

If you try to bully me I won’t stop until you cry