NaNo and Metallica at the Hall of Fame

Haven’t posted in awhile, NaNoWriMo is eating my soul. It’s going all right so far, but I’m having trouble with my story getting boring. I think I’m afraid I can’t write exciting enough cause right when I should be at the beginning of what will be my climax, I stopped and went back to write extra chapters. Blah. I’ll have to get to the climax sometime.

So far me and Jase, my bass, are doing pretty good. I have dreams where I’m playing bass. Last time I dreamed that I was playing Orion and doing pretty good. I was playing like butter. Not so much in real life, LOL. I’m still working on the bass solo in the middle and while it’s very repetitive, there are several parts where the last bar changes a little and I’m trying to learn all the changes. I’m also picking up “Sliver” from Nirvana, and am getting better at “My Friend of Misery”. I try to practice everyday at least an hour and warm up with some scales and stuff.

I haven’t gotten a Jason action figure yet though, but I will. It’s on my shopping list.

and now Metallica in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, my thoughts



So I had heard that not too long ago Metallica actually played all of Orion live. I can’t begin to express, and some people may understand, how long I have waited to hear this song played live. Sure, sometimes they would play a few bars but never the entire thing. So I buckled up today and looked it up on YouTube. Of course they had it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even get through half of it.
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