Megacon 2014

winner : group competition costume contest

Right. Let’s start from the beginning.

For months I’ve thrown myself Tarot readings about this event and have come up with the Tower over and over again. The worst card in the deck. Things eventually did start going wrong. First my friend fractures his foot making him cancel on me.  Then, I couldn’t get my daughter’s costume sorted out. I went through two seamstresses who basically denied my request. So I decided to try and modify an unitard from Amazon only to have the order get canceled on me. Then Ron Perlman goes and cancels on the Con.

And then more went wrong


MegaCon – The Whæton Occurance

My daughter and a Gameboy

So I’m back from MegaCon 2013 which went both worse and better than I imagined. It’s the biggest Con I’ve ever been to and I was only somewhat prepared for it.  I just fail to learn my lesson every time.

It was a slew of us.  I’ve never been to a convention with so many people. Most were work people, but good work people, the kind you actually like.  Otherwise I’d have made some serious excuses. But we all met up at the convention center and hung around mostly together despite their being 9 of us (including kids and my one non-work friend). Luckily, we all have similar interests. We didn’t wear matching costumes or anything though discussed the possibility for next year.  We’ll see if that happens, but I really hope we do. I’d love the extra attention.

Hellboy, Chirs Claremont, 501st Legion, Wil Wheaton and an anecdote about Mike Mignola