The Uncreative Artist – Tim Burton

I’d heard rumors, and today I got sent an article on the prospects of Tim Burton making a Beetlejuice II. Normally these types of remakes and sequels are things that make me want to beat my head over a desk, but in this case I want to throw myself out a window too.  Here’s why.

If you haven’t noticed the problem with the last batch of Tim Burton movies perhaps this video parody will help. I don’t think I noticed the problem until Alice in Wonderland, that was the “A-Ha” moment for me. I was weary around Sweeney Todd, but hadn’t quite gotten to the moment of “wtf is wrong with Tim Burton?”

I use to LOVE Tim Burton. Nightmare Before Christmas (his concept and screenplay) is I think one of the most incredible movies in cinematic history.  Beetlejuice, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Batman, Edward Scissorhands are all great movies any movie maker should be proud of.  And Big Fish is one of my favorite movies of all time. I thought it was a spectacular moment in Burton film making by combining a true average character who liked the normal life (Crudup) with the more fantastical tales that Burton is famous for and the compromise in between.  I cry a river every time I see it.

The story of a man with an imagination too big for a small town.
The story of a man with an imagination too big for a small town.

But then, after a while, you see a problem…

imitation is flattery I guess


20 Movies – The Drinking Game


When I was in my early 20’s my friends would play drinking games.  I wasn’t really a fan.  But there was one game I liked to play when we were all less than sober and it all started after someone had boasted how awesome Jack Nicholson was, such a great actor, he’s been in so many movies, I just love Jack Nicholson.  And then someone else posted the challenge “Oh, yeah?  Name 10 of his movies.”  The person couldn’t name 5. Perhaps they were too wasted to do so.

This started a trend for a few months.  We’d be partying and then somebody would pick an actor we all knew had been in a crap load of movies; Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp and so forth.  And we as a collective had to name 20 of their movies.  You’d be surprised how often we’d fail.  We’d forget the movies we owned with this person in them.  We only ever managed to succeed with Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks.

I’m not so bold as to say we were the only ones ever to play something like this.  It’s not unheard of for independent people to have the same ideas from across the globe. Either way, we thought we were clever and had a good time.

Below I’ve modified our game to be a proper Drinking Game with the rules we used.

20 Movies The Drinking Game

The Lost Boys – Why David is not the Villain

Just your friendly neighborhood vampire

During breakfast this morning I went on a tirade about the character David from The Lost Boys.  I saw the movie when I was young and impressionable and I cried at the end when ultimately, the vampire David is killed. My daughter laughed, and so I explained why really, he wasn’t such a bad guy except for the eating people part. I realized I was actually making sense, so here’s why:

1. David was told to make Micheal a vampire by his sire

“Sire” being David’s implied vampire dad, Max. Max wanted to bring Lucy into his family as the mother figure.  He explains this all at the end. If Michael and Sam were turned into vampires, Lucy would readily agree to be turned as well. So it wasn’t David’s idea, he was just… trying to help his dad hook up with the new single mom in town?

I make sense, I swear

How I Got Fired From Hollywood

I got an idea a couple of days ago as I was ranting about the plot holes in the Dark Knight Rises. It’s a comic called “How I Got Fired From Hollywood” .  The idea is that if I ever worked in Hollywood and had any input with the movie makers about the scripts, I would be promptly fired.  So here’s the first, perhaps only, comic I made.