when song lyrics are different than what you were singing

I’ve misheard many lyrics. Rock singers tend to be unintelligible. I’m not so invested in music that this happens often to me, but there’s been a few times when the real lyrics to a song ruin the meaning for me. Obviously this just happened to me again recently, hence the blog.

The one I could always quote was R.E.M. “Man on the Moon”. This is what I heard:

If you believed they put a man on the moon
Man on the moon
If you believe there’s nothing out there to see
There’s nothing to do

Which to me meant, if you believe they put a man on the moon how could you possibly think there’s nothing to do anymore but complain about how boring life is. Get off the floor and stop whining you wuss.

Then I found out the real lyrics:

If you believed they put a man on the moon
Man on the moon
If you believe there’s nothing up his sleeve
Then nothing is cool

Screw you, R.E.M. That just ruined the only thing I liked about that song. Those lyrics mean nothing to me.

Another head aches, another heart breaks


Playing With Knives

Music video for the band Drawing Bored is done. I really liked how it came out. I think there’s a few good music video money shots in there that I’m lucky I captured. Anyway… pretty cool for my first music video.

So if you like the song below on any level you can download their songs for free on bandcamp. For free, people.  What have you got to lose?  Oh, and check out their Facebook page. That’s free too.

Mall Cop / The Jonas Brothers 3D

I saw Paul Blart: Mall Cop last week because My kid wanted to. It’s about Paul Blart, mall cop, and how truly pathetic he is.

The only reason I mention Mall Cop now is because this morning I went to see the Jonas Brothers movie (thanks My kid). And I wanted to point out how bad certain movies are that I’d rather watch the Jonas Brothers movie again. For example, I’d rather watch the Jonas Brothers movie again then watch Mall Cop again.

Jonas Brothers Movie Review

Trading Up

I’ve been thinking about bands who make it famous with less than spectacular musicians. I don’t mean that in a bad way as in bad bands. I just mean it in the way of… was Chris Novaselic really an awesome bassist? Or did he just get lucky when he became friends with Kurt Cobain? You know what I mean?

Does anyone think Vinie Paul (Pantera) is the best drummer ever? But we all thought Dimebag Darrell was an awesome guitar player, right? Is John Frusciante the best guitarist of all time? Do you even know who that is? But you all know Flea, right? Because he’s one of the most amazing bassist on the planet.

I’m not ragging on Vinnie or Chris or John, they did/do their jobs and that’s to hold their own and support their bandmates. What I’m trying to say is Kurt Cobain didn’t send Chris packing when Nirvana got famous. He didn’t say “you know what, I can find a better bassist now, go back home to your over controlling wife.” And equally after a string of guitar players the RHCP didn’t say “Hey John, we’ve been through lots of guitar players and we can find some more who are better at it than you. Go back to your heroin needles.”

I’m only the fucking lead singer


I just got back from… Apocalyptica! Fucking Awesome. That’s the best show I’ve seen in many many years. Those guys can rock like nobody’s fucking business. They sound more metal on three cellos than some other bands with V guitars. And I have to add that it is monumental to hear a Kirk Hammett guitar solo played on a cello.

I went with my friend, the #1 Metallica fan I know, and his girlfriend who’d never heard of Apocalyptica but figured how bad could it be. Her words after the show “dude, that was fucking awesome.”

They played some of their songs. They had the lead singer of Fuel with them to do a few songs, and of course they played some of the Metallica covers. Enter Sandman, Seek & Destroy, For Whom the Bell Tolls, One, and Battery. Now, they don’t sing but the audience does. The crowd was so enthusiastic and just digging them. And it was hard not to dig them because those boys do not sit there playing cello. They walk around with them and bang their heads and their hair is flipping like old school metal. They make it work. They rock out (helps they have a drummer). They just bounce all over the stage and you can’t help but jump all over the floor cause they just give you this great vibe an energy. They laugh and play with each other. They seem like such a great bunch of guys.

I recommend everyone go see them if they have the chance. I’m going to buy one of their albums. Tonight I shall dream of Finnish men with giant cellos they were practically humping onstage. yummy. Oh my god I just can’t get over what a great show that was.