Road Trip : Graceland, Walking Dead, AHS Coven, Civil Rights, and Fried Green Tomatoes




About 3 years ago I suggested to my daughter that we go on a road trip the summer before she started high school. I said we could go anywhere in the US she wanted to go. In hindsight I’m lucky she said Graceland because it could have been somewhere so far I would have had to ask her to pick something else. But, luckily she picked Graceland which is far, but not crazy far from Miami. And three years later she has never wavered from wanting the road trip to Graceland.

This year she starts high school. Holy shit. And even though I was nervous and hesitant, I grit my teeth and decided to push through and head out. A decision I only finalized two days before we left when I finally decided on a route and reserved some hotel rooms.

You can see the pics in the links below. I’ve divided them into smaller, easier categories. And you can read a short version of the experience under the cut below the links.

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NOLA contedere – touring the French Quarter

the street dividing the French Quarter from…. not the French Quarter


A couple of weeks ago I was sent over to New Orleans for a work thing. That statement is a lot more loaded than it first reads.

When I was a teen I read Interview with the Vampire, ate it up, became obsessed and would forever fantasize about vising the city of New Orleans. When I was 23 I had saved enough money to join my friend on his yearly Mardi Gras trip.  Two months before our departure, I found I was pregnant.  No Mardi Gras for me.

So let’s try that again now.

A couple of weeks ago I was sent over to New Orleans for a work thing.