Road Trip : Graceland, Walking Dead, AHS Coven, Civil Rights, and Fried Green Tomatoes




About 3 years ago I suggested to my daughter that we go on a road trip the summer before she started high school. I said we could go anywhere in the US she wanted to go. In hindsight I’m lucky she said Graceland because it could have been somewhere so far I would have had to ask her to pick something else. But, luckily she picked Graceland which is far, but not crazy far from Miami. And three years later she has never wavered from wanting the road trip to Graceland.

This year she starts high school. Holy shit. And even though I was nervous and hesitant, I grit my teeth and decided to push through and head out. A decision I only finalized two days before we left when I finally decided on a route and reserved some hotel rooms.

You can see the pics in the links below. I’ve divided them into smaller, easier categories. And you can read a short version of the experience under the cut below the links.

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Pilgrim in Best Western Orlando Gateway

I did take some pics of Pilgrim in Orlando, but only in our hotel. As awesome as it would have been I didn’t want to lug the guy around through Islands of Adventure. Plus, the lockers are too small to fit him so how would I ride the rides? Nope, nope, sorry, nightmare scenario. So here’s Pilgrim at the window of our hotel suite and in the lobby by the Harry Potter advertisement.

I’m currently working on a series of photos of Pilgrim with the peacock statues in Coconut Grove. I’m almost done. You can view some of them now on my flickr account. I’ll make a post when it’s all finished.

I’ve also been thinking of doing a quick one-minute movie involving Pilgrim and the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach. I want to make sure I (a) don’t get caught and (b) make sure it’s respectful to the monument itself and not made as a joke. More on that later.

Pilgrim at Best Western Lobby of Best Western

The Secrets of Harry Potter Universal


Yesterday I went to Universal and checked out the new Harry Potter area at Universal Studios, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It originally opened about 2 months ago and although people warned me the lines might still be too horrible to contemplate, I braved the fort and had a pretty good time. This blog is written as a guide for those going out there. While I won’t add spoilers for most of this blog (despite the fact that most people are probably already spoiled), I do have some warnings.

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