Haiku Macros

I finally started my macro project using photos of Pilgrim.  I only have one up right now in the new subpage to the Pilgrim tab, but I’m hoping to have another one up by next week and I have one more planned after that.

It’s a start.

Haiku Macros
Pilgrim at the bookstore


Ideas… Motivation… just get this stuff out of my head already!

I have ideas… but where’s my motivation? I read this procrastination book once that led me to the realization that I was a perfectionist and that’s why I was procrastinating. Sounds silly, but then I had my friends pointed out that I was a perfectionist and how come it took me so long to notice.

My point, and I don’t actually have one, is that I have so many ideas floating in my head that it’s getting kind of crowded in there. The thing I miss most about being in college was that I was in classes with other artists. I even worked at the library with a musician. We were all an artistic community and we all supported and encouraged each other. Yes, we also critiqued each other, and that is both a necessary and wonderful part of being in an artistic community.

My point, and I think I finally found one, is that I was motivated by the people around me.  And since I no longer have other artists asking me what I’m working on and therefor motivating me to do something so I can avoid the embarrassment of saying that I’ve done nothing but watch TV and surf the net… I have trouble motivating myself into getting anything done.


  1. editing my novels
  2. writing those short stories I keep writing in my head
  3. working on my Pilgrim photos/haiku’s I was thinking about
  4. I wanted to try painting without any of my corrective lenses on
  5. everyone is getting homemade xmas presents from me cause I’m low on cash

My procrastination makes me feel like such a poser. And then I feel so bad I just want to escape into the fantasy realm of my television set.  Then I feel bad for watching TV instead of creating.  And because I’m not creating as often as I’d like I feel like such a poser. So I go watch TV to not think about it.

It’s a vicious cycle.

Coconut Grove Peacocks

I went out and photographed Pilgrim with all the Peacock statues in Coconut Grove. It took two days in the hot burning sun. It also took me looking the things up online because some of them are kind of hidden.

The first day I walked around the Grove with my daughter taking photos of all the statues I came across in this series. It’s great now that I have the yoga mat carrier because I can walk with Pilgrim without drawing too much attention. I did not look to see if anyone was watching me while I was taking the photos. The second was slightly different. By then I had found the website listing all the peacocks and saw that I missed eight of them. So the second day was doing drive-bys w/my mom and my daughter. I would park the car, run out and shoot. My mom felt the whole thing was borderline illicit and felt really happy to be a part of it.

I think the photos came out quite nicely. Also, I’d like to point out to the people behind the Peacocks display that I wouldn’t really advertise this as a “walking tour” since a few of those statues are really out of the way. There’s one that’s so far north I wouldn’t even count it as being in the Grove, though techincally it is by zip code, it’s on the wrong side of US1 in my opinion.

Below are some sample shots. For all the images go to the page: Coconut Grove Peacocks Collection

Peacocks of the Grove 11

Peacocks of the Grove 1 Peacocks of the Grove 17

Pilgrim in Best Western Orlando Gateway

I did take some pics of Pilgrim in Orlando, but only in our hotel. As awesome as it would have been I didn’t want to lug the guy around through Islands of Adventure. Plus, the lockers are too small to fit him so how would I ride the rides? Nope, nope, sorry, nightmare scenario. So here’s Pilgrim at the window of our hotel suite and in the lobby by the Harry Potter advertisement.

I’m currently working on a series of photos of Pilgrim with the peacock statues in Coconut Grove. I’m almost done. You can view some of them now on my flickr account. I’ll make a post when it’s all finished.

I’ve also been thinking of doing a quick one-minute movie involving Pilgrim and the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach. I want to make sure I (a) don’t get caught and (b) make sure it’s respectful to the monument itself and not made as a joke. More on that later.

Pilgrim at Best Western Lobby of Best Western

on the set of “The Empty”

The Empty

So a friend of mine from high school who I still see occasionally texts me a couple of weeks ago to ask everyone he knows to be extras in the movie he’s filming. Now, as an undergraduate I had to call many a friend of mine and beg them to be models for me and because of this, whenever an artist friend of mine asks for my help, I try to be there for them.

The photo above was shot on set of the horror indie move, “The Empty” which is of right now, still in production. Out of respect for my friends (because it turns out there’s a few of them working on this) I’ve tried to shoot this photo in the least spoilerrific location I could find. There was lots of stuff going on there that day and I might add that I was completely impressed by the level of commitment and dedication this crew was exhibiting. The detail on the sets, the footage they let me see, the professionalism, was amazing for me to be a part of in the small tiny non sequential way I was able.

For future use, or to see what else some of this team has put together (film and more) go to: Masterflow Productions