The Old and New Testament of Doctor Who

I’ll talk about my adventures beating NaNoWriMo next time. For now let me talk about what happened on the way to the last write-in. I was in the car with my daughter who was confused about the point of Hanukkah. I tried to explain that it’s a Jewish holiday, but to be honest, I don’t really know much about it beyond what I see in Party City. I don’t know the origin story, so I didn’t feel comfortable explaining it. But this led to a conversation trying to explain how the history of Judaism and Christianity are interconnected. This I know a bit more about, but she wasn’t understanding my explanation.

So here goes my explanation using Doctor Who and how she finally got what I was trying to say.  And honestly, I realize that when I try to explain religious beliefs to my daughter everything I say sounds insane. I’d sound no saner if I was reading Lord of the Rings as if it was the Old Testament.

Me: Ok, um, uh, well… Ok. Take Doctor Who. You know how there were all these episodes before Christopher Eccleston played the 9th Doctor in the new Doctor Who episodes, right?

Her: Yeah

Me: Ok. So let’s say people grew up watching Doctor’s 1-8 and were fans. So did Christopher Eccleston cause he would be of the age that saw the old Doctor Who episodes, right? So then Doctor Who fans meet and really like Christopher so much they make him a Doctor and think he might be the actual Doctor that the old episodes were writing about.

Her: (giggles)

Me: They start to write all new episodes of Doctor Who. So now you have a whole new bunch of people who think Christopher’s a great Doctor Who and watch the old Doctor Who episodes and the new ones with Christopher, David Tennant and Matt Smith. But other people they don’t think Christopher’s the real Doctor Who at all, so they only watch episodes from Doctor’s 1-8.

Her: Oh, I get it now!

Me: Really? That made sense?

Her: yeah.

Oversimplified, yes. But she’s got the jist of it.

The Doctor is a legend woven throughout history. (Christopher Eccleston - The Ninth Doctor)

and the sign says

I’m jotting this down because while I’m not a great believer in fate, I try not to let my agnosticism blind me if Life seems to be trying to tell me something.

I love ordering surprise t-shirts from tee-fury and thinkgeek. So far I haven’t been disappointed. While I’ve gotten shirts I probably would have never bought directly, they were still shirts I liked and was more than happy to receive as a surprise.

Last week I got my new surprise tee fury shirt. It was a political shirt campaigning for Cthulhu and Dagon in the 2012 election. I love the shirt. And I wondered if perhaps Life was telling me it was time to start editing my Lovecraft young adult novel I wrote last NaNoWriMo. I resolved to start working on my novel again while wearing the shirt as a way to psych myself into “writing time”.

So no big deal right? Except for what happened next.

Read what happened next

About a Girl: Losing My Religion

My daughter is being taught Christianity when I’m not looking. I just let it slide when my mom talks about how the dead go to heaven. I’ve let it slide when my daughter talks about Jesus with conviction (I equally ignore it when she talks about Santa Claus that way, too). I’m an agnostic, and I really would just like my daughter to make up her own mind on how she feels and her faith.

I’ve been meaning to get a children’s encyclopedia on religion that I saw once when My kid was just a babe. It lists and details the world’s major religions. I just want her to understand that different people believe different things and that neither is necessarily better than the other.

how this agnostic raises her child

Top Ten Christianesque Movies

Happy Easter everyone. I had to sit through a freaking church sermon today. The church was packed. The sermon was so long that when I looked at my watch I muttered “Jesus fucking Christ” before I could think of it. Also, today I found out that the poor kid in the church I see who has some muscle spasm problem is actually the Reverend’s son. Wow. I always wonder how people who’ve been the victim of random tragedy like that can keep their faith in God. But as I’ve always said, when the major shit happens in your life you either find God or lose God.

So, since it’s Easter I’m making this top ten list of my fave Christian religion related moves. I have nothing against other religions but I’m just going to focus on this aspect for now because that’s the one I’ve had the most exposure with. Remember, this is a personal fave list and has nothing to do with popular taste. Also, I only listed movies that focus or are based in religion, not just movies that happen to have a funny church scene or something.

Oh God, You Devil