About to Fail Script Frenzy

Script Frenzy is that yearly script writing challenge I’ve been doing for the past few years. Since the website started, I was there that first year.  And now with 4 days left, 25 out of 100 pages written , and zero interest, I’m about to fail for the first time.

I spent a couple weeks thinking “I’ll write this weekend” or “I’ll write tomorrow” or “I’ll write after yoga”. But I wouldn’t. I would be reading and then it was time to put my daughter to bed after which I spent either reading Cracked articles or reading Tender is the Night. I’m very versatile that way. (I’m really liking the Fitzgerald book, by the way, for those who read my previous post about it.) I could lie to myself and say “I’m just so busy trying to kill these termites” or “I should be doing more yoga” or “I really should be cleaning my house.” The truth is, I just wasn’t interested in writing a screenplay right now.

So yesterday as I was on my way to my mother’s house after finally being driven out of my home by termites, I thought, “perhaps I don’t care because there’s just no challenge to it anymore.” And perhaps that’s it. Last year I wrote a screenplay in a week.  Combine that with the lack of screenplay like story I wanted to tell equaled me with an abandoned screenplay.

The worst part is that since I felt like Script Frenzy should be my writing priority, it gave me a perfect excuse to procrastinate on my other writing projects. I never even touched the Edgar Allan Poe annotated bibliography I’ve been working on for years.  I thought I’d be able to post that prior to the John Cusack movie coming out.   And I as always, my previous works remain unedited.

I already have a story in mind to write for NaNoWriMo this year. But between now and November I want to accomplish so much.  I say that every year, but I’m one of the worst procrastinators. I wish there was a magic pill I could take that would motivate me and stop me from procrastinating.


You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

Yes. I’ve not blogged in forever. So I’m going to try to keep this short to get back in the swing of things because I have a lot of things to say.I don’t want to get to deep here on the get go, so I’ll just start slow. Let’s catch up.

My last blog was on New Years Day. I’m still in love with my fabulous new apartment, and my job is pretty sweet too. I still hate working out, but I love swimming and now with a pool on premises I’ve started to develop a tan.

I took a class called Scientific Revolution to see if I’d be interested in pursuing a second masters, possibly even a PhD in the field of history of science.  The class was great. I did good, and I love the topic.  Unfortunately there’s no real program of study for it at UM. And to get in a PhD program I’d need to be fluent in French or German preferably both. So I guess that’s not going to happen. This leaves me a bit uncertain about my future. I’m not sure what I’m suppose to be aiming for now besides even more money and not Miami.

I finished Script Frenzy in a week. I’d been so busy with my paper for class that I left off the screenplay after 10 pages.  But then in the last week I trashed the original script idea and started all over again fresh.I started one Saturday and finished the next Saturday morning. I’d been bragging that I could do Script Frenzy in a week so it was nice to know that I wasn’t full of shit.

Now that school’s out and I’m settled into being in Miami for at least another year, I feel pretty confident that I can put some more effort into my writing. Perhaps edit one of those short stories so I can send it out somewhere.

More to come if I can keep on task. As you can see I’m out of practice and rambling.

NaNoWriMo and Star Trek Convention

Yes, it’s been awhile. And it’ll probably be long while after this because next month is November which is National Novel Writing Month. I have a story all planned out (sort of) and I’m really looking forward to writing it. You know what was really great was telling people, “next month I’m going to start working on my second novel”. Wow. My second novel. I haven’t finished editing the first, but I’m starting my SECOND novel. Thank you NaNoWriMo.

Uh… where to begin. I’ve taken a bigger interest in my non- fan fiction writing obviously. I convinced some girl at work to join NaNoWriMo, and though I’m not sure she’ll finish I’m sure it’ll be a learning experience for her. At least I’ll have someone to go to the kick-off party with me. Hey, RockStarr, you interested? I know you write. You can be my writing buddy.

I edited the heck out of my horror screenplay and sent it out to some competitions. I don’t really expect to win anything, though it would be nice, but it seemed kind of silly to have written something and just have it sit there on my hardrive. Next year after I hear back from those competition places I’ll send it out to some B horror movie production companies, then I’ll lay it to rest.

I still haven’t found another job and a few (one) month ago I was really just hitting bottom on that. I was so depressed I didn’t even bother to apply to stuff. I would print out my resume and just chuck them into the garbage on my way to the post office cause really, what was the point? But my writing is keeping me distracted. I don’t know what I want anymore as far as the job thing goes. I know what I don’t want… to stay in Miami, to teach, to move to Idaho. ::sigh:: I can’t think about that stuff too long, it just gets me upset.

I just realized I didn’t blog about going to the Star Trek convention. I went in early August up to New Jersey. It was great. I meant to blog about it. A lot of my family lives in Jersey so I stayed with them and got to visit almost all of them. My dad managed to dig up three of my half-siblings to introduce me to. That was a very surreal experience as I consider myself an only child. I never grew up with those siblings, my dad only raised one of us and it wasn’t me, so there we were at dinner, four half-siblings with four different moms. My dad was a slut. They were all very nice to me no doubt, but that’s not my family. I still consider myself an only child. That’s not to reflect badly on them, it’s just weird I guess.

The Star Trek convention was great though. I went the first day dressed up like a Romulan Commander from the first season. Here is a pic of the character:

And here is a pic I found of the convention with me in it. I.. didn’t know I was online, but I figured it might happen. I’m the short girl in the middle with the red and grey dress:

::swells with pride:: the writer of the blog called my costume “amazing”. It was tailor-made.

The second day I went dressed normal because I was doing a photo op with Leonard Nimoy. It was great. It lasted 5 seconds, but Nimoy touched my arm. yay! And even though I wasn’t dressed in costume I still got recognized by some of the attendees. I felt like a rockstar. I got to go back next year. Maybe to the Vegas one.

Also, I’m going to finish that Jason Cinderella story before November. NaNoWriMo has a deal with this self-publishing site that you get a free copy of your novel. It’s not for sale, there’s no ISBN. They just give you one copy so you can get an idea of their product and entice you to buy from them. I’m actually going to send in all my finished fanfics and have them bound together in one volume. So I have to finish that story so I can get it in there. I’m not going to send in my actual novels because my first one needs extensive editing and I imagine my second one will too.

I should really blog more often so I don’t go on and on in one post. And I want to say thanks to ddmoca for taking such good care of Newstedfans. XOXO

authors don’t have to be attractive anyway

I finished Script Frenzy! Yay! My screenplay has wholes the size of minivans and contradicts itself so it needs a lot of editing! Yay! LOL. okay not so much the last part, but I did finish and that always brings a sense of accomplishment.

kinks, and what I’m doing with myself right now….no, not that.

Writer’s Block

I started Script Frenzy on April 1st and then lagged terribly behind. I’m writing the sequel to my horror movie last year. And even though I know what events have to happen, I was still suffering from writer’s block.

The thing with writer’s block once you’ve started a story I discovered is that it’s not that you cant think of anything to write… there is an honest problem that can be solved. You’ve just got to figure out what that problem is. In my case I realized, I was unhappy with my script. Once I realized this it took me a mere few minutes to realize why. Once I figured that out the words just poured from my fingers and I am now starting to catch up.

So in the future, there will be no whining about “writer’s block”. Instead I must figure out the source of my displeasure.