St. Augustine – Day 3

I just got back from the Ghost Train tour. I will post now and hope I will get sleepy cause I have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow. I don’t want to go back! Ugh. But honestly, I’d rather go home than spend one more night in this hotel with the most uncomfortable beds ever. These beds are a slight against God and were crafted by demons.

What’s an orb?


St. Augustine – Day 2

That was the hardest god damn pillow I have ever experienced. I couldn’t sleep worth a shit. Tonight I’m going to fold the bedsheets and see if that feels better. The bed is like stone too, but I don’t mind that so much. The pillow thing gave me a headache.

I also want to add that I think my computer is starting to die. It runs out of power like nothing. When I get home I’m going to start repairing for the inevitable and start to back up whatever files haven’t been backed up yet. There’s only a few. I’ll miss you Adobe CS2…

We got an early start. We parked back at Ripley’s and then took that train tour around the city. That was kind of a mistake cause then whenever you want to go to a stop you have to hear the tour guide over and over again. It gets real annoying. So I highly recommend that you get off on the stops you want to see as you go along. The only other drawback of the tour is that the trains stop running at about 5pm. It was enough time for us, but I can see how that would be harsh on some people. On the plus side the tour guides then don;t have to deal with as many drunks. But I should also add that the Ripley train tour is cheaper.

so where did I go on this tour?

St. Augustine – Day 1

I got from Miami to St. Augustine in like 5 hours (and that included a 30 minute McDonald break) AND on one tank of gas. Lord, I must have been speeding like a demon. And damn can my car get mileage. I was so happy on the car ride here. I was smiling, singing along to my radio, just so happy to be headed North away from it all.

Of course now I feel differently. I always manage to get homesick usually before I even leave home. This time it took a few hours to kick in. That’s a good sign right?

Ripley’s Believe it or Not