Goodbye Leonard Nimoy

1931 – 2015

Today Leonard Nimoy died. He was hospitalized a few days ago and when no news came I was afraid I was just waiting to hear he had died. I’m just a fan, an honorary grandchild I hope. If I had to point to a #1 fandom it would be Star Trek, and the character Spock shaped a great deal of the way I think and the things I believe.

So if you want to know more about me and Star Trek you can read some of my previous blog posts. Or you can click on the link to see the rest of this post, a group of pictures of my Star Trek memorabilia and some Nimoy related entries from twitter.

To Nimoy, I think Nathan Fillion put it best, “I have been, and always shall be, your fan.”

Most of my Star Trek Collection


ST: Wrath of Abrams

I know this movie is old news at this point, but it took me this long to come up with a good way of wording the myriad of things that bother me about Star Trek Into Darkness. I covered some briefly in my little webcomic, but that was just the tip of the tip of the iceberg.  (Captain, there be spoilers here)

From the get-go I was worried about rumors that it would be a remake of Wrath of Kahn.  I can’t say I’m surprised because Hollywood just finally ran out of ways to lower my expectations.  (I think it officially happened with Battleship). But when other rumors of possibly having Gary Mitchell as the villain then I kind of hung on to hope. Not that I was overjoyed at a Gary Mitchell movie, but at least it was a more creative idea than remaking Kahn. Bringing in Carol Marcus gave me even more hopeful ideas of where the story could go given the Genesis project and the loss of the Vulcan planet.

Oh, me of too much faith.  I avoided all spoilers, sat in the theater and begged Benedict not to say it.  I want to say I should have walked out of the theater right then, but that would take away from how much I wanted to walk out of the theater when I saw Nimoy (whom I love) in this movie.


Get Your Geek On

from the Star Trek exhibit at Kennedy Space Center
from the Star Trek exhibit at Kennedy Space Center

I suppose by now anyone reading my blog might have gathered I’m a bit of a geek. Now, us geeks all geek out about various things and sometimes they coincide sometimes they don’t. Just watch King of the Nerds and you’ll see what I mean.  At my core I would say I’m a Star Trek nerd. My nerdiest costume is from Star Trek (Romulan Commander, original series, 3×04).  I was also reading comics since I was in grade school. Back then it was Scrooge McDuck mostly though by high school it was X-men and Sandman and Sandman spin-offs (especially Lucifer, speaking of, Mike Carey’s new series The Unwritten is pretty awesome…. while I’m here, the new Magneto series has started off pretty good too… and ST:Into Darkness sucks).

I got off topic. I was going to talk about places in geekdom I’ve branched off in the past couple of years and how.

Some people call me the space cowboy

these are Not the Nerds you are looking for

Florida SuperCon. My daughter in her Poison Ivy costume wearing the Hellboy mask she got from Duncan Fegredo when he signed her Hellboy graphic novel.

I was sitting at the front desk with my coworker who happens to be a fellow nerd and parent. His daughter is going to be Abby from NCIS for Halloween, mine is going to be Doctor Horrible.  So we’re gushing about our daughters when he brings up this story from a few years ago about a girl being bullied for liking Star Wars.  That’s awful, needless to say.  My daughter has an Avengers lunch box this year and sometimes she’ll mention how some kid at school will comment that she likes “boy things”, but she brushes it off and pities their small mindedness. She’s so much like me I could cry.

I’m left wondering though, what is the difference? How is it that this poor girl with the Star Wars bottle is teased horribly, while my daughter with the Avengers lunch box isn’t? Is it location? Size of school?

If you try to bully me I won’t stop until you cry