Advice on Getting Tattooed

This morning I was having this conversation with my daughter about tattoos.  Both her father and I have gotten inked and so there’s very little I could say to dissuade her of getting one herself when she’s of age.  However, I did impart the following knowledge on her.  As she said, “mom, I’m kind of too young to really use what you’re telling me”, I realized yeah she’s right. But I’m writing this blog as a future reference for her and to possibly help out a few people who might find it.

To my daughter I say, please please use these guidelines on where and what should never be a tattoo.

1. Armbands. No. This went out of style in the early 90’s, right? Nothing dates you like a barbed wire armband.  It’s kind of a lazy tattoo really.  I’ve seen a couple of nice tribal ones, but I’d only recommend that for people who can actually trace their family line to certain tribes. Maybe an animal (like a snake) wrapping around artfully. But most armband tattoos you’ll see are… eh.

I love you Kiefer, even if you do have TWO armband tattoos.

Should be posted in every tattoo parlor


I got my book. :)

I got all the fanfics written under this username bound into a single volume. I did have another username prior if you’re wondering, but those stories are old and are painful to read through. Honestly I’m pained to read the Batman story too. It was a good idea that I took on when I wasn’t up to the same writing level that I am now. But that’s how writer’s have to start… by practicing.

So it’s all bound together and it looks real pretty even though I forgot to put in page numbers. whoops. LOL. I’m really hoping this will inspire me to keep editing my non=fanfic novel and to start on that other short story I wanted to write. And all this before April because that’s Script Frenzy time.

you’re turning into an infinite number of penguins

friends don’t let friends get armbands

I couldn’t wait any longer… I got a new tattoo. It’s on my ass. It hurts to sit down.

When I got the bat tattoo on my back when I was 23 I thought “this is the last one” leaving me with a total of two tattoos. And now, 6 days after my 30th birthday I ran to the same tattoo place I got the bat tattoo.

I’m not sure if it’s an early mid-life crisis, but this tattoo was a must. It’s the symbol for the planet Uranus (Aquarius’ ruling planet) and I got it right on my butt. I mean that’s a joke I can tell for the rest of my life. I couldn’t not get it. That would be like knowing a real good joke and never telling anyone.

It hurt a bit, yeah. But it is a freaking needle digging into your skin. There’s bound to be some pain. No tears or anything, I’m a big girl. The whole thing was over in like 10 minutes. My friend Barbie came with me. Thanks, girl.

future tattoos