A great way to end your day

I’ve been preparing for a trip to St. Augustine, FL because I’ve never seen the sites there I just drive by it on my way somewhere else. So this year I’m making an effort to go there for several reasons:

1. I can afford it
2. It’s the oldest city in this country
3. I live in Florida so it’s not too far
4. I’m a grown-up and I can go where I want
5. Ghost Hunters found ghosts there

Number five was a big influence in my decision. I can get away with going to St. Augustine and not mentioning the Ghost Hunters because lots of people would like to see St. Augustine. It’s a really nice town. But let’s say I didn’t live so close to a place I associate with Ghost Hunters. Chances are I would have made that ghost hunting trip to meet them somewhere seeing as how I can’t control my obsessive personality.

For example, I was watching reruns of the Office when I flipped on the guide to see what was on TV. The listing said Keith Olbermann so I clicked it on, but the guide was wrong. One channel flip over and guess what? Anderson Cooper 360. Ha,Ha. I smiled and laughed at my own fangirlness.

Unfortunately, at this hour at night I watch TV with captions on so I don’t wake my daughter with the noise. This meant that I could either read what Anderson was saying or just stare at his face. I managed to juggle both. I’m so silly. I caught most of the show and then when it was over it was time for the Daily Show.

What a great way to end my day.

Ghost Hunters in St. Augustine Lighthouse


About a Girl: No Fear

I was practicing my skateboarding yesterday now that I’ve fixed the trucks on my board. I don’t think I’ve tightened them enough, but perhaps I’m really the problem. My biggest problem in skateboarding though is fear. I’m not even trying to do tricks, I’m just trying to get from point A to point B and still, there’s this fear everytime I push off. I think if I wasn’t such a chicken my balance would be better. I’m going to have to keep practicing and suck it up. I’m determined to do this now especially since I think it would be a bad metaphor for my life if I was too chicken to learn how to skateboard.

Evil stepmothers, Valentine Birthdays, and trying to keep my job

Post Dump:Obama, Colorado, Jase, Jon/Stephen, Ghost Hunters

Today is a happy Tuesday. First off of course is the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Now, I’ve never been as excited over this as everyone else seems to be, but I must admit a huge smile at the thought of NO MORE W. BUSH. That is so awesome for so many reasons. I’ve spent the last 8 years embarassed of my country’s political leader. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out George.

Obama pictures and McCain pictures

Happy Tuesday and all the random thoughts just spill out of my brain