The Hobbit : Battle of the 3 Movies

I also got 3 free posters and a migraine.
I also got three free posters and a migraine.

I spent last Monday at the movie theater for the Hobbit movie marathon. I have a few things to say about that so I’ll start with the non-spoliers and leave the spoilers under the cut.

First off, this is not my first time on this ride. The Hobbit marathon is still shorter than all the Lord of the Rings movies on extended version (a marathon I attended previously) and certainly shorter than the Avengers movie marathon (phase one includes 6 movies). However, I had to do this marathon in 3D, AMC gave no other option. I chose IMAX over Real 3D because I figured I might as well go big or go home. Maybe I would have been better off in Real, but I’ll never know. All I know is IMAX 3D for nine hours gave me a headache for about 2 days and made my daughter want to throw up. I can speculate why exactly this happened, but ultimately, I’m swearing off 3D marathons.

Two, this marathon wasn’t as fun as the others. I had more people with me this time, all from work as usual. But there weren’t as many people in the theater. Avengers was packed and maybe that’s why we all seemed to band together. Even in the LOTR marathon I managed to make a friend. This time was fun, I was better prepared, but I don’t have as many fun quirky stories to tell. and now the spoilers, lots of spoilers


Tolkien – There and back again


Two Saturdays ago I went to the Lord of the Rings extended edition marathon.  A week later I saw the Hobbit.

I woke up on the morning of the LOTR marathon thinking “wait, did I really agree to do this again?” And I had.  I trekked over with my daughter and met up with the usual suspects, the same people who came with me to see the Marvel Marathon for the Avengers. This time though I picked up a new marathon friend.  When I got there the only other person was a Hobbit. Or better said, a rather tall 17 year old boy dressed up as a hobbit.  We befriended him and he gave us some twizzlers, I bought him a Starbucks coffee.

After making it through Fellowship of the Ring, for me the most boring, I found the rest of the experience to be better than I expected.  I had forgotten how excited I would get during the battle scenes. The first time Theoden said “forth Eorlingas!” I almost wept. Almost.  I was probably all cried out from watching the Theodred funeral scene. But the battle of Helm’s Deep was pure adrenaline. How did I ever manage to stay seated the first time watching this? I was ready to battle cry and run towards the screen. Same goes for the battle of the Pelennor Fields.

In between, as I talked to the tall hobbit about Tolkien I found that I know way more about the Tolkien universe than I remember knowing. That happens when you are in deep discussion about parts of the Silmarillion. For Tolkien’s sakes, my daughter is named after a character in LOTR.

An Unexpected Journey